Saturday, July 23, 2016

Reflections and Direction

What direction should I go? That is what is rattling in my brain right now. I've been writing and regularly but it's time for... something. Instead of picking a focus I tend to add more things on top of what I'm already doing until I am spinning in circles. Sigh. Enough circle spinning.

It's time to simplify, to choose what it is that will get me where it is I need to go. The problem with that is that it means cutting out the excess. The social media that doesn't really bring me joy or advance me in the direction I'm trying to go, the time I spend learning things that are wonderful but aren't for this time in my life, the things that are distracting me from being the mom and writer that I want to be.

I'm posting this because I don't think I'm alone it my reflections. I don't think I'm the only person with a dream burning so strong that they panic and stunt their own growth. Noticing we are overcommitting or just not focusing on what matters is an important step but not as important as doing something about. I'm on my way to close down some social media and give myself the gift of time for the things that matter the most.

Each beat of my heart
forces me to face the question
Who am I?
and am I 
living up to that?

                  -Sare Chafin

Friday, July 1, 2016

Updates and Poetry

Hello World,

  I've been hiding... but the good sort of hiding. The past year has been full of changes and challenges but I spent all of June reading, writing and getting my dreams back on track (as best as possible with my entourage of littles). I finished the first draft of my gothic YA novel and I'm letting it sit for a week before I dive into revisions. I've also been writing poetry at a fairly steady pace. Most of it is posted on Instagram but I just started a collection on Watpad as well.

I love that I'm in over my head in the world of words but I can't help but wonder, what next? Where do I go from here?