Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sick Kids Blues

  It is definitely one of "those" days.  One of the days where you have to clean at top speed to keep from going crazy because you have been stuck inside with sick (and crabby) children for DAYS.  While my older two children feel horrible and aren't up to doing much, my one year old feels awesome and is terrorizing his siblings.  He is so cute running around and tackling them, a huge, slobbery (can you say teething?) grin on his face.  Fortunately he loves helping me clean.  He and I have tackled the front closet, organized the movies and cleaned the front entryway.  Of course a few of the movies vanished but over all we made a pretty good team.  I am sure that the movies will show up in some fascinating location.  I did manage to make a stack of things to give away.  I even hid it before my cleaning partner found it and scattered it all about!  While it may be a stuck in doors, I want out sort of day, at least I am a tiny bit closer to the simply, organized life style that I so desperately crave.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sticking to It

  After my last post I sat down and did some serious thinking about my goals and my life in general.  I came to the conclusion that I dream much more then I actually do anything about it, which I already knew but seldom admit to myself.  I am very good at coming up with lists of how to accomplish what I want to do but I am not so good at getting it done.  The past week or so I have been taking steps to make sure that I am working towards what matters to me the most and focusing on using my time wisely. I realized that God, family, writing, and friends were at the top of my list of priorities.   Here are some of the things that I have done to be active, not passive, in my own life.

I have spent more time playing with play dough, coloring and doing projects with my children.  I normally try to run around and do things while they play. While I still do that to some extent I have had so much fun just slowing down and enjoying interacting with my little ones.

I invited a friend and her children over and decided it was going to happen even if I couldn't get my house perfect in time. We had a great time!

I have been taking time to thank God for the good things in my life.  I am amazed at how many blessings I miss when I am to busy stressing about things.

I am writing more, much more.  I am working on a short story for a contest as well as what will hopefully be a young adult novel.  I started with a tiny goal of 250 words a day to get into the habit of consistency.  I think it is working!  Now when I sit down to write the words come out much more freely and I find myself looking forward to sitting down with my net book and seeing what happens. I usually end up with much more than 250 words.  It is so much better then the inconsistent way I was going about things before.
It feels amazing to see a list of "dones" instead of "to do's" !