YA fantasy

  Screams echoed through the night followed by an ominous silence.    Cazden felt as if he were frozen in place.  How could one spend a lifetime protecting someone and then just walk away, knowing that they were going to die?  A slight movement coming from the bundle in his arms snapped him back to focus.  This was who he had to protect now and protect he would, even if it cost him his own life.

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YA Fantasy

   It was their way or die, or so they said. We looked around. The mainlanders were puppets. The islander’s were asleep, afraid to open their eyes to reality. We would settle for neither. We took to the sea. 

I have completed the first draft.

Mirrors and Ice

YA Fantasy

  A girl who seemed perfect. The girl who hated her. Maybe if this perfect girl was cursed, if she could only reflect others and not be seen, Claire's life would be what it should be. People would see her. But this girl that seemed perfect? She has fight in her yet. 
This story takes place on the fringes of a classic fairytale.
First Draft Complete


  1. ah I see. I have a hunch your out-line is more then vague . :)

  2. Haha. Yes. Its more a swirl of ideas and possibilities :) I think I'm a panster that needs a plan but not to much of one... if that's possible.