Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Word Wars

It's day one of Word Wars! I will be "live" blogging throughout the day, keeping you up to date on my word count and crazy writing infused life. I can't wait to see how many words we get written during the next three days!

If you missed the linky sign up and you want to join us just leave the link for your blog in the comments. We'd love to have you!

Day one 

7:09- My three children are settled down with giant bowls of cheerios. No words yet...

7:35- My WIP is open and ready to go and I've thought of a word goal for today. I want to write 5k.

8:59- 512 words and I'm running late for Vacation Bible School... be back later :)

1:40 -lived through vbs ( I'm one of the leaders) only to succumb to a migraine. Guess I'll be napping with my kids instead of writing :(

4:25 - All my children are sleeping. That NEVER happens (well, occasionally at bedtime). My headache is under control and I'm ready to write, although I'll probably only go for ten minutes at a time so the screen doesn't cause another headache.

5:38 - 241 words. My character smells magic on the breeze, and it isn't the friendly sort. Now to see if she can save her friend, who apparently doesn't know the scent of magic, or that it's the dark, evil sort and that it's after her. If she did, she wouldn't be walking straight towards it.

My WIP just hit the 50k mark! It probably has another 5k to tell the story and will likely get longer in revisions. I better figure out what I'm writing next...

9:12 - My word count is at 753 but the kids are in bed so I'm about to add to that, hopefully a lot! I'm just waiting for my coffee to be ready. I'm depending on it to keep my head from smacking into the keyboard mid word.

11:17 - still writing. Slowly, but its still writing. The last few thousand words of a novel always hang me up. I'm almost set up for an epic fairytale style showdown.  Total count is 1,334. Not bad for a migraine day and I have a few words left in me.

12:18 - I don't think my brain can think any more tonight. I'm off to bed!
My final word count for day one: 2,266

Day Two

6:51 - Word Count: six
I'm up but yawning. I've been awake for awhile thanks to my early bird three year old. He comes in early in the morning and climbs in bed for snuggles. Its the only part of the day that he holds still! 
Speaking of not holding still, my seven year old just went flying by with a jet pack on his back.

7:59 - Word Count: 371
The children are eating breakfast, the washing machine is going and I have some words written. I'm happy! I'm even mostly awake. That's always good. Did I mention I was correcting sentence structure and punctuation in my dreams last night? I woke up feeling like I'd never left the computer... Oh well.

2:21 - No new words to report. I spent the morning teaching VBS again and then had errands to run. I grabbed a giant iced latte on my way home and the kids are resting so I should be able to squeeze in a few minutes of writing. Most of nap time will be spent cleaning so I have free time to write tonight though.

Rest of the day - total word count 643.
I got the needed cleaning done and then... I went limp and didn't move the rest of the day. My husband was shocked. "You're not going to write still 8 a.m. or something crazy?" (I've never written until 8 a.m. What was he thinking? The latest I've stayed up is 4). I'm not sure if I answered, I was so tired. I've been writing first thing in the mornings and until midnight or later every day this month. It finally caught up with me.

Day Three

8:25 - I'm still moving much slower than normal but I do feel much more energetic today. The morning will be spent teaching VBS, grocery shopping and taking care of the kids. I can't wait for nap time when I can hide with my computer and write.

4:28- I survived the final day of VBS and ran my errands. I think I'm even still sane. So watch out Word War participants! It's game on!!!

9:45 - I'm writing from now till midnight. I'll be leading word sprints on twitter under @JuNoWriMo using #JuNoWriMo from 10 - 12 central time if anyone wants to join in.

12:11 - Word Count : 1,611
I know the day is officially over but I'm finally getting the words to flow like I want them too so I'm still writing...

2:05 - Word count: 3,586 and I'm going to bed.

Don't forget to visit the other participants and encourage them as we WRITE!


  1. Yay! Time for words!

  2. Good-luck fighting that war. It can be tough, but you can do it.

  3. Biding your time, good strategy. Wait until the enemy's gate is down for your next strike.

    1. Maybe I shouldn't post about migraines and set backs lol... You might use my weaknesses against me...

  4. Evil migraines! Maybe Patrick sent one to hamper your wordage? ;-)

    1. That would explain the spectacular timing... lol.

  5. Good word count for the day, Sarah. Like how your character can smell magic, nice concept.