Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Can you believe that it's time for What's Up Wednesday already?

    I feel that I have been reading more children's books than anything else this past week. My children and I finished reading Little House In The Big Woods and we are almost done with Paddington Abroad. During lunch we are reading Stories of the Pilgrim's by Margaret B Pumhpery and my youngest is still asking for The Gingerbread Man on a daily basis.
   As for myself, I have finished The Faerie Prince by Rachel Morgan and am trying, trying, trying to make myself wait until I've read some other books I've been putting off before I purchase the sequel. My chapter a day classic is Great Expectations and I've also taken to having a poetry book going at all times. This weeks choice is Hugs and Kisses by Fida Islaih. 
  I'm still trying to regain momentum on revising Mirrors and Ice. I have a friend expecting the first chapters next month so I best get to work!

  What seems to be working for me is for me to just sit down and work on my revisions without thinking about them, or my future as a writer, or the dishes or anything else that will stunt my progress. Once I start thinking about anything besides what is in front of me, I'm sunk. Any hints on not thinking??? It seems to be both my inspiration and my downfall.

 It's cold enough to wear my favorite hat!!! At least it is if I go out early enough in the day. I love the cooler weather. I was hoping that it would be cold enough for the snakes to hide away for the winter but no, they are out sunning. The librarian told me that they had one trying to get into peoples warm cars. Silly reptiles. My daughter jumped over one that was as thick as my forearm and over three feet long (insert spine tingles here). 


  1. I love LITTLE HOUSE! Thank you for the mention, I hope you are enjoying it (-:

  2. I love Paddington! When my son was little I once planned homeschool curriculum around Paddington's travels on the cartoon and in the book. It was so much fun! Hope your kids are enjoying it!

    It's so hard to focus on writing and forget all those other nagging things, isn't it? I've been having trouble with that these days too. Have a great week and watch out for snakes! :)

    1. Erin, what a wonderful idea! One could learn all sorts of things based on Paddington's adventures :)
      Focus can be so very elusive. Hopefully we both find tons of it this week!

  3. My grandma gave me some great advice. She said when you're my age, you aren't going to look back on your life and say "Man, I wish I would have done more dishes and laundry. Spend the time you have, doing the things that matter." She lived to be over one hundred, and I think she spent every day living her own advice. So dishes, what you love.

    And Little House and Paddington! LOVE. I remember having those read to me as a kid. Wonderful books. (You are an awesome mom)

    Have a great week!

    1. Kris, that is excellent advice!
      I love how involved my children have gotten in these books. It's amazing to watch them connect with great literature.

  4. Yeah, hat weather! I have a wool flat cap that I like to wear that I can wear any time of year, but it's most reasonable to wear around now. I also like being able to wear my leather jacket. I wish I could forget everything and just write. It's really hard for me to get into that mindset. Once I've started writing I can usually keep it up for a little while, but getting the ball rolling is tough.

  5. Sarah have a nice weekend. I love children's books.

  6. LOL! Hints on not thinking... I could use some of those. I love Great Expectations, and Fida's poetry is beautiful. A chapter a day, huh? I should totally try that with some of the classics I've been eyeing. Now how to fit it in...

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