Tuesday, January 5, 2016


  It feels like I haven't blogged in forever. Life took over, with its overwhelming blend of good, bad and everything in-between. I think I'm back. I hope so, but I'm not sure if I want to blog like I have in the past or if its time to change it up. Oh well. I know I love writing and blogging so I'll just write and blog and see what happens.

I figured that a Currently post would be perfect for jumping back in.


Currently I am...


 Hmm. I'm loving so many things right now. 

 I'm loving crocheting in the evenings. I'm making a gigantic granny square afghan out of leftover yarn. It looks like a color explosion but its soft and has a charming quirkiness going on. 

It's about five times bigger and brighter now :)
 I'm loving wearing slouchy hats and that it's cool enough for sweaters (some days).

I'm loving my fenced yard and how much enjoyment my four year old gets by simply running in circles and digging in the sand.

I'm loving that my room is slowly turning into a fresh and relaxing space. 

I'm loving that my fresh and relaxing room now has a desk by the window so I can think and be, write and create, all while having a perfect view of the back yard and the woods behind it.


I love Christmas but it effectively zapped all of my reading time. Of course part of that was because I decided that I was going to make many of the presents myself... Fun, but I'm so glad that it is all done and over with. Now maybe I will be able to read more.

I have read one book so far this year and it was under 70 pages. It was Writing Day in and Day Out: Living a Practice of Words by Andi Cumbo-Floyd. I loved it. It was exactly the soul nourishing sort of book that I needed.


The thing about crocheting is that it lends itself well to doing other things, like say, binge watching Netflix. After watching heaps of Christmas movies with my children I felt like watching something deep and gritty so I started watching the show The Killing. I may be hooked... It is full of mystery and twists and I'm in love with Liden and Holder's characters and how much depth they have. 

I also watched my favorite movie ever (over and over and over) The Decoy Bride (quirk, romance, gorgeous setting and David Tennant) and Jackie and Ryan. I really need to watch Jackie and Ryan again.


Does arguing children count? How do they find so many things to argue about? 

My daughter is very into Lindsey Sterling so I've been listening to a lot of her music and my youngest loves Laurie Berkner. Variety, right? When I get to choose I've been listening to Gungor and Ben Howard along with various modern folk artists. I love songs that have emotion and meaning in the lyrics.

I almost always have an audio book going and my current selection is Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I want to say that I love it but I'm on the fence. I can't even pin point why.

Thinking About

Everything, all at once, in a never ending tangle. The main threads are about writing, and how to best homeschool my crazy, intelligent children, how to make our home an inspiring environment, what to make for breakfast... You get the idea. 


I discovered this adorable bakery in a small coastal town about an hour and a half away from us. I haven't taken my children yet and I can't wait for them to see it. It has fresh bread, huge cookies and the owner picks her own rosemary in the morning to sprinkle on the focaccia.  Yum. It isn't very far from an island with a lighthouse so I'm thinking that we will be having a field trip one day very soon!


I'm wishing to find the ever elusive balance between what needs to be done and what I would like to be doing.

Making Me Happy

Everything from the I am loving section. 

One of my favorite slouchy hats.
I wear it everywhere.

Also, I've been working out using Fitness Blender's workouts and my new found muscles are definitely making me happy :)  I have to be able to keep up with my energetic kiddos, you know.  

What have you been up to Currently?
Any favorite books?
Any simple things that just make you feel like you?


  1. It's good to see you back! Any purple t-shirt is a favorite with me, and currently i'm working two jobs because Sweetie lost his and can't find another. No, i don't recommend it.

    1. Thank you! I love purple t-shirts too. Actually I have three different purple pairs of shoes, a purple hat and a purple purse... So purple is an awesome color :)
      I hope that you find some time to relax and that the two job thing is only temporary. That sounds very challenging.

  2. I'm loving that long sweaters are back in style. I've got two and I wear one of them every day depending on how hot or cold it is.

    I also love your slouchy hat! And your "Wishing"? Yeah. I totally get that.

    1. I love the long ones too. It's so warm here that I usually where a very thin cardigan with three quarter sleeves and call it a real sweater. It's comfy though and it makes even the oldest t-shirt look better :) I love sweaters.
      May we both find the right balance in the year to come :)

  3. Glad you popped back in Sarah. Fairest was one of the most shocking books I read in 2015. Marissa Meyer really knows how to create an evil queen.