Friday, April 20, 2012

Writers must Write!

  I have always loved to write.  The first time I remember getting lost in a story of my own making was when I was about 8.  Well, that's the first time I wrote one down anyway.  I wrote stories and poems all through high school.  I loved to journal and write lengthy letters to my family and friends that lived far away.  I wanted to be a writer.  Then I grew up.  Somehow my love for writing became buried deep under all my other obligations. About two years ago my desire to write woke up.  It had never really gone away, rather I didn't nurture it and I had let myself think it was something beyond my reach.  I made subtle steps towards my dreams but none big enough to get me anywhere.  This year I decided to set goals and go for them.  I decided to write!  I knew all along that my end goal was to write fiction and that I didn't know the first thing about where to start.  Lately I have been reading blogs by authors that I admire.  I have found books on writing and publishing.  I have been brushing up on my grammar.  It may not lead anywhere, but even if it doesn't, I feel like I have found an old friend.  Writing is worth the effort it takes pursuing it no matter where it does or does not take me.

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