Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's Up Wednesday!

It's time for What's Up Wednesday!!!

What I'm Reading  I'm reading Just One Day by Gayle Forman.  I want to hop a train to Paris now but alas, I live in Florida.  I'm also reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.  We won't even mention the review books I should be reading...  
  The kids and I are still reading Jotham's Journey for advent and Farmer Boy for school.  I can't wait for Christmas break when we don't have so many things to read for school.  I'm going to pick a read aloud book that has nothing to do with history at all, a fantasy perhaps.

What I'm Writing  I've been looking over my current WIP, trying to get the story flowing again.  I tried to write yesterday but technical problems took over.  I have them all sorted out now so today I should be good to go!  I have about 30k left in to reach the length I'm hoping for.  

What Inspires Me Right Now Christmas Cookies!  I have some healthyish , not Christmasy cookies cooking right now and I can't wait to make some decadent, non-healthy, totally decked out ones later this week.  To balance out my current inspiration I will add that I have also been inspired by working out with my husband.  He is more into circuit style workouts and I tend to go for yoga/dance/Pilates type of exercise paired with walking or running but trying something different and spending time together is wonderful.

What Else I've Been Up To  I've been standing in line at the post office with three small children.  Yup, I couldn't even get it all done in one trip so we went twice.  I don't recommend it.  It's a relief to have all of the presents in the mail though.  Now I can focus on making cookies and crafts and sparkly white play dough (since it is to hot here for snow and we need to make snowmen!).  
I'm still working on the Lego table I'm making.  The old finish was much harder to remove then I thought it would be but I am finally to the point that I can start painting it.  

I will be blogging sporadically throughout the next few weeks as there is no What's Up Wednesday in honor of the holidays.  



  1. Mmmmm, unhealthy cookies. Delicious :D

    Best of luck with your writing and getting those 30k words down.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! And good luck o the Lego table! Can't wait to see photos :D

  2. Cookies! I love making cookies this time of year. I've been baking ginger cookies lately, mostly because they are delicious, but also because I love that they make the house smell all Christmas-y. :) Kudos on surviving the post office with your little ones (HARD CORE!). It's bad enough without kids, so I can only imagine ... Enjoy the holidays! :)

  3. Christmas is definitely the time for unhealthy cookies, and lots of unhealthy egg nog... :D Your post office comment reminded me about standing in line at the post office last year trying to mail gifts to my family in England. It was our anniversary (Dec 14), and we were going to see a movie. We thought I could just pop in, put the items in a box, pay the appropriate postage, and be on our way. An hour later...! Thankfully we had given ourselves plenty of time. Still... I suppose I should've known better this time of year. :)

    May you and your family have a totally wonderful, blessed, and joyous Christmas, Sarah! :D

  4. Cookies! Hooray! And heaven bless you for braving the post office with children.

  5. Hello, Sarah! The Lego table you're making sounds awesome. I still love Lego! It was my favorite thing to play with as a kid, and it's my go-to gift for children. Have fun baking and crafting and merry Christmas!!

    Oh, and I love it that your kids are reading Farmer Boy! I always get hungry re-reading that book because of the descriptions of food. Almanzo sure loved to eat! :)

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines