Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Review- Salsas and Moles by Deborah Schneider

I am still on my cookbook reviewing binge! It has been amazing in stretching my cooking repertoire and has reminded me of how much I love trying new recipes and reading through cookbooks. My latest review book is full of salsas and a multitude of other Hispanic sauces. Yum!

This book is the perfect choice for anyone who loves Mexican cuisine. There is a salsa or sauce to go with pretty much anything and it even has hints on what sort of food pairs well with which salsa. The vivid illustrations complement the bold flavors they are representing. Several of them had my mouth watering.

There are so many recipes that I can't wait to try but so far I have made the Simplest Enchilada Sauce. Yeah, I never want to use canned sauce again. The process was true to its title. It doesn't use any canned or processed ingredients yet it goes together with just enough work to leave you feeling accomplished, not worn out. I saved the leftover sauce in a mason jar in my fridge and had enough for a second 8x8 pan of enchiladas. It would be easy to adjust the level of heat by subbing in different peppers, I would think. There are charts about the different sorts of peppers, their flavors and heat levels for people like me who love salsa but don't know anything beyond the fact that jalapeƱos are spicy.

This book left me feeling very inspired. I make tacos on a regular basis and now I have all sorts of possible combinations to experiment with. If you have read any of my other cookbook reviews you'll know how much I enjoy a cookbook that is full of information. This one definitely qualifies!

I received a copy of this book to review from Blogging For Books. 

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  1. Sounds like a good one to have when you are tired of the same old stuff every night, a spicy, flavorful sauce can change the whole dinner!