Sunday, June 17, 2012


     Just a few short weeks ago I lived in the north west part of the United States. It was snowing the day I left. Now I find myself with the gulf of Mexico practically in my back yard. I've traded endless wheat fields and snow capped mountains for emerald waters and sparkling white sand. The change is quite drastic. I'm sure I will miss where I came from but I am quickly falling in love with it here. It is so green! Somethings will take a bit of getting used to however. I am not used to very much traffic. One could drive for miles and never see a car back home. Here people seem to be everywhere and most of them are in a hurry for some reason or another. I am also not use to all of the bugs and lizards that are scurrying about everywhere. Overall the pros seem to out way the cons. The colors, scents and the lure of the unknown are definitely feeding my imagination. I wonder if anything will become of it.

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