Saturday, June 9, 2012

Book Review - "Tandem" by Tracey Bateman

    "Her own screams woke her.  She had dreamed she was alone in the dark, captive of a madman.  When she opened her eyes and realized the nightmare was real, she couldn't stop screaming."  With a striking balance of family drama, mystery and a perfect dose of chills Tracey Bateman had me engrossed in her novel "Tandem" within the first chapter. 

Tandem - a novel by Tracey Bateman (Chapter 1)  
      The story takes place in the quaint little town of Abbey Hills.  Nestled in the Ozark mountains, this once idyllic town has found itself the host of some sort of evil.  People are being murdered.  For awhile it seems that a house fire has killed the murderer but a fresh string of murders has demolished that theory.  20 something Lauryn Mcbride has inherited her father's auction business and is in charge of the estate.  It is her actions that unearth dark secrets as she works to balance her work, personal life and still care for her father who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
    I wasn't sure what to think when I realized that I was reading an inspirational vampire story but I must say that the author made it work.  She skillfully wove a story that was both touching and thrilling. The characters were complex and the themes were subtle but strong.  I was blown away by the thought provoking last paragraph.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I received a free copy of this book to review from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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