Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Donut Dweller's #4

Here is part four of the bedtime story requested by a super sweet four year old!  When this series is done my own four year old has requested one on mermaids.

August sunk his feet deep in the bottom of the tunnel and pushed against the fish bowl as hard as he could.. 
Zoomer slid slowly, slowly through the tunnel.  Little bits of donut fell into the bowl.  Zoomer didn't mind one bit.  He snapped up each crumb and licked his lips.
"I don't think I can push him much further, Zandy."
"You can't give up now!  You're almost there."
Zandy leaned against August and gave them a giant push.
"Wow!  Great thinking!  That helped a lot."  August said.  "One more push like that and we should be inside the donut's center."
"You mean the courtyard." Zandy said with a giggle.
August and Zandy gave Zoomer's bowl one more shove.  It did the trick.  Zoomer broke loose from the tunnel.
"Ahhh.  Now to relax in our new home." August thought.
He looked around. 
"Zandy, where did you go?"
Nobody answered.
Still nothing.
August looked back at the tunnel, or what use to be the tunnel.  All he could see was a mound of crumbs.
"Oh no!  Don't worry Zandy.  I will save you."
August knew just what had to be done.  He began to dig.  He dug faster and faster and faster.
Finally he saw a bit of  purple peeking through the crumbs.  It was Zandy's dress.
"I've almost got you.  Hold on."
One, two, three more handfuls of crumbs and he could see his sister's hand.  He grabbed it and pulled. 
Zandy flew out of the tunnel and landed right next to Zoomer.
"Are you ok?" August asked.
Zandy didn't answer at first.  She was to busy eating donut crumbs. 
"Sorry."  She said at last.  "This donut is just so delicious."
"Just make sure that you only eat the crumbs."  August said. 
Now that Zoomer was here and Zandy was safe it was time to make this donut look like home.
August reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture of his favorite super hero ever and stuck it on the wall near the tunnel. 
There.  Much better.  Bed's and rugs and the tower he and Zandy wanted would have to wait.  Pushing a fish bowl through a tunnel and rescuing a sister was hard work.
August curled up around Zoomer  and fell fast asleep.


  1. They are a plucky pair, thanks for continuing the adventure.

  2. I'm sure I would be out of a home in no time if I were to live inside a doughnut!

  3. What a cute and whimsical story!! I enjoyed it, and now...I feel like a donut! I shall think of what I read every time I have one in the future!!


  4. I love this! I'm going to have to go back and catch the rest. :)

  5. Living in a donut sounds awesome! Great story! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog today. I am very grateful.