Friday, September 6, 2013

Celebrate the Small Things

It's time for VicLit's Celebrate the Small Things!
Today I am celebrating:
  • going shopping with my little sister (who towers over me by ten inches, but she's still my baby sis!)
  • spending time with my cousin (who just happens to love making cookies, Yum!)
  • running (3 pounds gone Yay!)
  • the first week of school 
  • the giveaway I am hosting ( I hope that you will join in the fun!)
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  1. I want to eat cookies, lose some lbs AND go shopping too! lol

    Yay for school and the giveaway ;)

  2. Me too! And my youngest sibling is 18 (I'm 41) and he's about 6'3! And my younger sister (by 12 yrs) is 5'7 and I'm 5'3 (max!) :) I take after my mum (5ft). :)

    Shah X

  3. All nice things! My small thing is having something taken off of my calendar, which helped me have more time today for other things i needed to do.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss and cookies, yum. I'm the shortest of my sibs myself and the eldest.

  5. I am very impressed, you lost 3 pounds and made cookies.

  6. Hurrah to running and losing 3 pounds!

  7. shopping, exercise and school - wonderful things to celebrate, esp time with sis! and cuz! i miss mine!