Thursday, January 2, 2014

TBR Pile Reading Challenge

  Happy New Year everyone!  I'm still sorting out my goals for the year so I'm not going to post about them just yet but I did decide that I need to do something about the heap of books in my room and in virtual shelves on my e-readers (yes, that's plural...).  I am joining the 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge.  I'm going for "First Kiss" (21-30 books) but I want my minimum to be 30.  I have other reading goals this year so I don't want to make this one all consuming.  If I hit 30 with time to spare I can always add more books to it :)

It would be cruel to post my entire TBR pile in this post so I'm going to only list the first ten books I'm planning to tackle (in no particular order).
If your joining the TBR Challenge I'd love to know about it and if you are interested in joining you can sign up here.

  1. The Fault in Our Stars 
  2. Not a Drop to Drink
  3. Pawn of Prophecy (the Belgariad #1)
  4. On Writing
  5. The Counterfeit Princess
  6. I’d Tell you I love you But Then I’d have to Kill You
  7. Ender’s Game
  8. Ruby Red
  9. Lead your Family Like Jesus
  10. Water for Elephants


  1. I've read 4 and 7. 7 is very good. Keep in mind that it's science-fiction and not literary or mainstream like many of those other books appear to be. The memoir portion of 4 is brilliant. The writing advice is only good. I have a few problems with the points he makes about muses, television, and writers' growth, but if you take everything with a grain of salt you'll probably learn a lot.

    1. I haven't read much science-fiction but I love watching Firefly, Star Trek and Dr. Who so I'm hoping I will like it. At any rate it will help me reach my goal of reading a broader range of books.
      I've wanted to read On Writing for a long time now and am hoping to at least glean some inspiration from it. It will be interesting to see what I make of it.

  2. The first one, i can attest, is sad and worth it.

    1. That's why its been sitting in my TBR pile... I haven't wanted to be sad lol. I'm going to just go for it though. I've heard so much about it!

  3. I already have a ton piling up. I did read Fault in Our Star's, it clutched my heart. Ender's Game and Water for Elephants you'll like them both especially the second.

  4. A couple of those are on my list too. Here's to finding time to read in the new year!