Monday, February 16, 2015

Writer Recharge (update 2)

 Here is my update!
  • WRITE/REVISE –Complete a scene by scene spreadsheet for the WIP I'm revising and revise/rewrite the first five chapters. Add 5k to my middle grade WIP. Revise the short story I'm working on.
I did a small amount of work on my spreadsheet. I keep overthinking things which results in little progress.

This week's goal is to add 14 scenes to my spreadsheet and write 2,500 on my middle grade WIP.
  • READ/REREAD - I have a few books I have to read for various reasons and I feel weighed down by them. I want to read/finish three of them this month. 
 I finished one book and read half of another :) 

My goal this week is to finish the one I read half of and post my review for it.  
  • STRETCH - I want to create some art for my walls. I love being creative but making something large that everyone will see intimidates me. 
 So far I have been collecting ideas (can you say Pinterest?!?). I really want to modpodge pages of an old book (if I can get myself to dismember a book...) to a canvas and then add a silhouette of a tree or something over the top. I'm using a literary theme to decorate our hall/bookhording area so I think it would be a great fit. I also have this idea involving skeleton keys but that might take me awhile to collect the supplies.

My goal for this week is find an old book (preferably one in horrible shape) and pick out what sort of silhouette I want to use. I have an old canvas that will do already.
  • SELF - I want to do one of my Ellen Barret workouts three times a week. I love her workouts and how graceful they are but I got out of the habit of fitting them in.
Uh. Yeah, I'm changing this one. I haven't figured out how to fit in a 45 minute video and still have time to write. I could do it during the day but then I'd have 30 something pounds of added resistance because my three year old loves to "help" me work out. 

 This week I didn't do very well fitting in workouts but  I did go on  several walk/bike chasing expeditions (one involved hunting down robot armies) and I loaded up my three year old and one of his buddies into my bike trailer and took them and my older kids to the park. That was fun :)
    New goal: Do something active with my kids three times a week for at least 30 minutes.

    • CONNECT - I have a plan for this but am keeping it secret so the person doesn't find out before intended :)
     I did the first step of my plan. 

    This week I want to complete my plan and join in a twitter party/write in.
    • FUN - I want to take my kids to explore a state park that we've never been to before. There are so many near us and we've only visited a few. 
    We haven't done this yet. I wanted to take them to this peninsula that is suppose to have amazing beaches this weekend but the weather and schedules didn't allow it to happen. Maybe next weekend.  

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    1. Thanks for the update on your goals... I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your art. I don't think I could bring myself to take apart a book, even if it was in bad shape. I'd probably try to fix it. :) Good luck with your goals this week!