Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

It's time for What's Up Wednesday!!!


  This week I am reading The Secret Garden aloud to my children. I've always loved that book and I still have the copy that I read as a girl. The illustrations sweep me back to my childhood.
  For myself, I am reading Red Rising and an ARC of An Uncertain Choice. My audible book right now is Bittersweet, which I have mixed emotions about. I love the writing and the cupcakes but it isn't my favorite sort of story. 


I am making a spread sheet of my fairytale story to help me see where I need to tighten things and how I can  increase the tension and enrich the characters. 
My goal is to work on it for 30 min. every day and to join Writer ReCharge. 


The spread sheet is really working for me. I usually make notes on about a hundred pieces of paper with arrows pointing to side notes and random thoughts. It helps but when I go to look over them it's overwhelming and some of them have inevitably turned into paper airplanes or some other life of their own (thanks kids!). This is nice and neat and all on my computer. I do plan to print it out but at least I'll have the computer back up.


When I was little, my dad would pull out a toaster that had belonged to his grandmother and he'd make us toast. I always loved that toast and the entire atmosphere that came with it. I haven't seen my dad in almost three years because we live so far apart but this week I got a box in the mail. Inside was an antique toaster that my dad had polished and fixed for me along with some raspberry jam that my mother made from homegrown raspberries. Bliss! Now my children can have the same wonderful toast memories!


  1. Aww, that toaster/jam gift is so sweet! Sentimental gifts are always the best, in my opinion. :-) You know, I really should consider giving spreadsheets a try when I'm writing. I tend to use tables in Word, but Excel might be the way to go. Thanks for the tip! I've always loved THE SECRET GARDEN too. Hope your kids are loving it!

  2. What a special gift that is! I love that it's becoming a family tradition for you. Not only is it practical and full of memories, but it's a pretty piece of kitchen decor too! As for the raspberry jam, that's one of my favourite flavours.

    I know what you mean about notes building up and ending up all over the place. Every once in a while I have to compile them into a master list too. I've never used a spreadsheet, but I really should give that a try sometime.

    Have a super week, and good luck with your goal! :)

  3. Aaaw, that is such a lovely story about your dad and toast. All of a sudden I really fancy some.

    Good luck. Hope the Recharge works well for you.

  4. How nice that your dad sent you the toaster!
    I just urged my daughter to read The Secret Garden. I never did hear if she liked it or not- I'll have to ask!

  5. The spreadsheet idea sounds cool. I plan to do something similar for my WIP.

  6. A spreadsheet for writing sounds like great thinking, and your parents are amazing people, but i'm sure i didn't have to tell you that.