Friday, March 30, 2012

Bedtime Bliss

  All three little ones are tucked into bed, fast asleep.  After a long day this can feel like the most amazing accomplishment.  We have been sick with colds the past week and the children have been extra snugly ( not to mention a bit cranky!)   Now that they are sweetly dreaming I can work on my writing, my crochet project and maybe start reading my next chapter for Bible study.  Oh, and pick up after my messy little munchkins. 
  Bedtime seems to be the only time of day that I can stop and think.  Often times I feel like I just keep moving and doing.  Its easy to miss out on the joy in life when one lives like that.  Today I picked up my baby and tickled his belly.  He dissolved in giggles.  It snapped me out of work mode and brought what really matters into focus. I don't want to be so busy caring for my kids physically that I am mentally absent.  I want to cherish their giggles, nonsensical songs and zeal for all life has to offer.  This same zeal can definitely make them hard to keep up with however!  Which is why bedtime is such a blessing.  It gives me the time I need to reflect, accomplish and rest so that I can wake up tomorrow and be present for my children.

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