Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My current project (or one of them,anyway)

    For the past two years or so I have become somewhat of a crochet addict.  I find it to be a relaxing and rewarding pastime.  This is one of my current projects.  It is going to be a baby blanket.  The design is so simple but I fell in love with the classic nature and texture of it.  It works up quite quickly.  Seeing that my baby likes to tug on and cuddle my projects this is a good thing!  Time to work on it is scarce.  I am not sure if the baby is a boy or a girl so I chose a neutral, earthy color.  The parents are both avid hunters so I thought that would be fitting.

                    a closer look at the texture!

Here is the link to the pattern

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  1. That is lovely! The design looks so clean and neat, and snugly for a little baby. I'm sure the parents and the baby will love it :)