Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reasons and Beginnings

   I keep trying to decide where I should start with my blog.  I am  new to blogging and I find it rather intimidating.  I suppose the best place to start is with why I have chosen to create this blog in the first place.  So...  here it goes!
    I have two main reasons for my little blog.  The first is that I love to write.  I have always loved the written word.  Reading other peoples ideas and stories is fascinating to me but writing down my own thoughts and watching them take shape is even better.  Unfortunately I find myself thinking more then doing.  My ideas seldom make it to paper.  I always feel inadequate.  Instead of being passive about my dreams I have decided to work towards them.  I see this blog as a place to start.  Maybe my writing is inadequate but only practicing will improve it and this seems like an excellent place to begin.
   My second reason is that I love finding joy in the simple things in life. I love watching yarn take shape in my hands and turn into a blanket for my baby to snuggle.  I love hearing my oldest son say "yum" when I hand him a plate of something that I have cooked and I love teaching my children at home around our table.  I lead a quiet life. Quiet, but full of loved ones and meaningful work.  It is my desire to share it with you.


  1. I am so happy to find out that you started this blog recently, as when I saw you had a blog I felt bad for being so clueless! I don't feel so bad now that I see your blog is so new :) Anyways, happy writing and I look forward to pictures of your projects :)

  2. Yay! Thanks for the comments! It is so encouraging to see them. I'm glad that you found my blog.