Friday, March 23, 2012

Melt Candle, MELT!

    I have been searching for a practical yet pretty storage solution for my wooden crochet hooks.  I crochet constantly so I want them to be readily accessible.  I found the perfect glass jar .  It has a clean line to it with just a touch of elegance.  The only problem is that it is a candle jar, complete with candle.  I have been burning the candle for days!  Of course when its a candle that I want to burn quickly it happens to be a quality one that burns forever.  When the candle is finally used up I am going to line the bottom with something soft to protect the hooks.  I am not sure what yet.  I am trying to come up with some ideas to decorate the jar without overwhelming it.  I do not want it to be to cluttered but I do want it to look unique.  Maybe if I burn it all weekend I can get to the decorating part soon!

1 comment:

  1. How clever! I've never really been into buying candles in pretty jars, for the sole reason that I don't know what to do with the jar once the candle is gone. Using the jars for hook storage is a great idea. I'm curious what you will find to line/fill it with for the hooks to set in.