Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review- Blood Red Road by Moira Young and Celebrate the Small Things

Feel free to grab our badge, too!  I read Blood Red Road by Moira Young as part of YA Bucaneer's Reading Mutiny Challenge.  Every month they have a theme and a selection of books to go along with it.  It was hard to pick which one to read first!
    Life is hot, dry and lonely but eighteen year old Saba doesn't really have anything else to compare it to. All that really matters is that she is with her twin brother, Lugh. That is until strangers take him away, kill her father and leave her alone with her the little sister she resents. Saba will let nothing stop her. She sets out to find Lugh.
While looking, she uncovers disturbing clues about why he was taken, forms an alliance with a group of girl warriors and rescues the boy she just might be falling for.

     I'm not completely sure what I think Of this book, however the fact that I finished it a week ago and I'm still mulling it over speaks for itself. I loved the desert setting. The romance was just right and the action was well spaced. Saba herself took a little getting used too. She is as bold of a heroine as you could hope for. I just wish that her compassionate side showed a bit more. It was starting to by the end of the book. I guess I will have to read the sequel to find out if it keeps growing!

And now for VicLit's Celebrate the small things! 

    This week I am celebrating books!  Thanks to winning a few on blog giveaways, netgalley,, friends lending me their favorite reads and the local thrift store, I have a mountain of books that I can't wait to read.  I've been pleased at how many recent releases I have been able to get my hands on with out spending an obscene amount of money.  Maybe next week I will be able to celebrate finding time to read them...


  1. A book you still think about for a while can be good, or scary. Sounds like this is the former.

    Good luck with finding time to read, i know you can.

  2. Sounds like this book was a bit of a puzzle for you. I too have been winning books in giveaways and getting copies from netgalley. Glad you're enjoying your books and happy reading.

  3. If the book makes you think about it even days after you put it down, it definitely made an impression - which is good. I hope.
    Yay for books! Great that you remembered to mention them. Glad you've been getting so many free copies. Actually, that's one reason I started the review blog on Kidbits *shhh* Buying all of them gets expensive after awhile.

  4. Huzzah for books!!! When a book makes an impression like that, it's a good thing. Sometimes the best books are the ones w stop and think about. :)
    Happy reading!

  5. It is great to do reviews, and it's what authors thrive for. This review is good. Often times I don't think a book is that great, but it does stay with me and tells me it affected me more than I thought. Hopefully her character will keep growing. Congrats on your decision and all the reads you have. :)

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  6. Books! What a great celebration ;)

  7. Hope you find the time to read them! :-D

  8. I also have a mountain of books thanks to being a blogger.

    I think I have that book.