Sunday, January 4, 2015

Thirty Before Thirty-five

   Happy New Year!!!

I'm not making a New Year resolution post this year but my word for the year is "active". I want to be an active participant in my own life and the lives of my loved ones. Active doubles as a reminder to get out and move so that's a plus!
   While brainstorming about ways to be active in reaching my goals and spending time the people I care about I came upon Katy Upperman's Thirty before Thirty-five post. It is so inspiring! I decided to make one of my own (I may have just turned thirty but you won't get me to confirm it for sure...).
   Some of these are small and a few I'm not sure how I'm going to achieve, but whatever happens I will be making steps in the right direction. I'll be posting my list to the header on my blog and linking any posts on my progress.


My list:
  1. save up for a bow and get proficient at archery (Robin Hood was my first literary crush)
  2. run a 5k
  3. publish a book (not sure if it will be indie or traditional at this point)
  4. sell a story to a magazine
  5. write a serial novel
  6. learn how to do 5 new types of braids (for my daughter)
  7. visit another country
  8. go paddle boarding
  9. go kayaking with my husband
  10. read the collected poems of Robert Frost (from beginning to end)
  11. fill an entire notebook with my own poems
  12. read the Bible from beginning to end 
  13. teach my children to ice skate
  14. complete a 100 day read-aloud reading streak with my children
  15. go on a weekend trip with my husband (no kids!)
  16. crochet a circular afghan
  17. make a slouchy hat and wear it all over
  18. attend a writer’s conference (one in a big city, I have New York in mind)
  19. learn to knit well enough to make anything I want 
  20. make 10 new recipes from Julia Child’s cook books
  21. read a dozen classics that I’ve never read
  22. learn to sew well enough to make library bags and basic clothing for my children
  23. attend an art class (something I’ve never done preferably)
  24. go to St. Augustine, FL
  25. go on a picnic in the Appalachian mountains
  26. play my dulcimer every day for a month
  27. write my favorite quotes directly onto a wall 
  28. learn to make yarn with a drop spindle
  29. go backpacking
  30. volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center


  1. Wow, that's quite the list you have there! I'm sure you'll get quite a bit of it accomplished no doubt. :) I'm quite a bit older than you, but you've inspired me to 'update' my bucket list. :) I'm glad I stopped by. Visiting from the Celebrating the Small Things blog hop. Nice to 'meet' you. Eva

  2. Sarah, I love this list! Several of my items revolve around my family too, and those have been some of my favorites so far. Best of luck accomplishing all of these things!