Thursday, January 1, 2015

Word Wars!

It's time for the Word Wars blogfest! For the next three days I will be updating this post with my writing progress as I attempt to write copious amounts of words. If you want to join me you can sign up here or on Katie's Blog. It doesn't matter what you write, as long as you write (novels, grocery lists, letters to long lost pen pals, stories to entertain your toddler, whatever goes). You can also join in on twitter with #WordWars or on  the /r/YAwriters reddit-along. My goal for this war is 4,500 words. I'll be working on a MG sci/fi adventure. I normally write YA but I'm switching it up for fun :)

Day One

10:45- I'm up. I'm up. I never sleep till ten but we were having a campout in the living room and I found myself at the bottom of a blanket pile with sleeping kids all around me. It was very comfortable there!

11:40- 148 words. Hmm. But the ideas are flowing. This story is completely by the seat of my pants but I needed something that had no stress or expectations attached to it.

2:44- 25 more words... yup. But I went on a bike ride with my husband and kiddos so that was good! Now everyone should be calm and happy so I can write. I can hope, right?!?

5:50- I've written a few hundred words on my story over the last few hours. I'll tally them up later. I'm glad I chose to follow a random idea. It's fun being swept away by something new! A mysterious red headed kid just appeared in my manuscript. I'm wondering if he will be back. Now balance some more words and dinner.

9:01- I'm on the third scene of my story. I still don't know if it's going to be a short story or something longer but I'm having fun and using my writing muscles so I'm happy. The kids are in bed so I'm free to write. Yay!

9:36- 1,359 words so far today, not counting this blog... Now to do some laundry and dishes then hopefully get some more words down.

Day 2

9:10- I'm hanging out with my kids. Coffee will be done in five, then I will start generating some words.

11:27- So far I have had some coffee, read a few chapters of Lee Strauss's new serial Run Run Run (A Gingerbread Man suspense) and have written a seriously epic grocery list.

12:05- One scene down!

6:39- Groceries, a bike ride with the kiddos and dinner have all taken precedence but now I'm getting some more coffee and writing in.

7:46- I'm at just over 2,100 words for the past two days. I'm hoping to add more. My story isn't acting like a short story. Did I accidentally start another book? Yeah...

8:29- The kids are tucked in and I bribed myself with ice-cream. It worked. I wrote another scene.

10:24- I went for a walk in the rain to refuel. My goal for the next half hour is to finish the chapter I'm writing.

Day 3

9:55- Do I have to admit its P.M...
I spent the entire day cooking freezer meals with a friend so we can start the new year out with less stress. I had hoped to squeeze in some words. I haven't yet but I may still get some in :)


  1. Holy cow! That's amazing! You're way more ambitious than I am. Wishing you a wonderful 2015!