Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sick Kids and Goal Updates

       My poor kids are sick again.  At least two of them are.  The third one is running away from the others begging them not to breathe on him.  Chicken soup is on the menu for today.  I am sad that my babies are sick but a slow paced day full of soup and Blue's Clues doesn't sound that bad.  The past week was full of running around.  Today I plan to air out the bed rooms and wash the linens, maybe I will even light a candle and read with my little ones.  We could all use a relaxing day.
     I have been sticking with my writing goals this month!  I know it is barely into February but I am pleased to have a positive start to it.  Hopefully it will set the tone to a productive month.  I have learned that if I spend time thinking about my characters and settings throughout the day I can have a decent idea of what to write by the time my kids are in bed.  When I finally sit down at the computer the words flow (usually!) and I have been writing close to double the words of my original goal.  I love how my characters are becoming more and more alive in my head! 
    Well, I have hidden from life long enough...  I need to go make some soup!

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