Wednesday, March 13, 2013

50,000 Words

   I am so happy that I just have to share.  My story is 50,000 words long!  I was so filled with doubts that I would never be able to write anything novel length but I am doing it! So far I am right on target for my March goals.  I will hopefully have a complete first draft very, very soon.  Now I'm going to go write an outline the old fashioned way.  My hands need a break from typing and sometimes a pen and paper is just plain soothing.


  1. Congratulations Sarah!
    50,000 is an awesome milestone to make. Hold on to that feeling you've got now.

    Good luck finishing out the first draft.
    Are you going to outline around what you've wrote, or what you're going to write next?

  2. Wow Sarah! So happy for you. And YES, you did have a heck of a lot of doubts! Glad you're pushing through. :)

  3. Hey Sarah, I saw you hit 6k this week. Thats great! Hitting your goals is great, but continuing to write after that, that is dedication. Keep it up :)

  4. Elaine- Thank you for the encouragement! I am working on the outline for my next project. I want to have it ready to work on while I'm revising my current project.

  5. Nancy- Thanks! Yes, I am really good at doubting but I'm trying to ignore them. How are your projects coming along?