Sunday, March 24, 2013

My book has a name!

  So, I am always talking about the book I am writing and how it has no name.  Besides that, I say very little that would hint to its contents.  Today I'm going to share just a tiny bit to let everyone know more about what it is I am typing madly away at day after day.  This may or may not be included in the finished book but I think it gives you an idea of what its about.

     Screams echoed through the night followed by a deep, ominous silence.    Cazden felt as if he were frozen in place.  How could one spend a lifetime protecting someone and then just walk away, knowing that they were going to die?  A slight movement coming from the bundle in his arms snapped him back to focus.  This was who he had to protect now and protect he would, even if it cost him his own life.

As of today, this book is no longer nameless!  I am calling it "Awaken".  It will hopefully be the first in a trilogy which I've been calling the Guardian Legacies.  That could very well change but I think "Guardian" will be included in it somehow.  Now, back to typing...


  1. How exciting that you are writing a book! I'm still a blogging newbie, but maybe someday...!
    Just dropped in to say hi from the A to Z challenge! I'm a first-time participant!

  2. It's an adventure that's for sure! This is my first time with A-Z also. I'm hoping I can come up with that many posts :)

  3. It sounds like you're writing a great book! And yay! for it having a title! (:

  4. I already want to read more, seriously, that one paragraph totally drew me in!

  5. Oh thank you! That makes me happy :)