Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Boiled Peanuts

      I have managed to live in Florida for several months without trying boiled peanuts but today I gave in.    I can't decide if like them or if I hate them.My kids were begging to taste some and the nice lady at the store let us have a sample.  The kids thought they were the best thing ever.  I thought they were....  I'm not sure what I thought, but the texture was much different then what I was expecting.  We do not boil peanuts where I come from. 
    What this has to do with anything, I really don't know but I had to share anyway.  I am loving all of the new experiences and subtle ( mostly subtle!) cultural differences between here and the other places I have lived.  The more of the world I see, the more resources I have to weave into stories and the more of the world I want to see.  For now I am content to explore the beautiful area I have landed in but part of me is ready for the next adventure.


  1. And why have you landed in FL? Yeah, I can't see loving boiled peanuts either. Kids!

    1. My husband is in the military and he got orders here. He is from the south, not FL, but this is a lot closer to his family then we were!