Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Donut Dwellers episode #8

 This was suppose to be the series finale but my imagination got away from me again.  There will be at least one more episode after this one.
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There you are." said the strange girl.  
August could only stare.  The girl almost looked like a flower.  She was dressed in green and had a wreath of yellow daisies around her head.
"Can you talk?" the girl asked.
"Of course I can talk. I'm just confused.  Who are you?  Were you expecting me?"
"I'm Annabelle.  I'm friends with your sister."
Now August was really confused.
"How can you be friends with her?  This is the first time she's every even been outside."
Annabelle smiled.  
"Sometimes it doesn't take long to become friends."
She whispered something else but it was to quite to hear.
"Where is she?"  August asked, looking around.  
All he could see was grass and rocks.
"I'm right here." said a familiar voice.
August ran towards her but he wasn't used to running outside.  His foot caught on one of the rocks.
"Ahhh." he yelled as he fell right on top of Zandy.
"I'm so sorry." he said.  "I made you mad enough to run away and then I come and fall on top of you."
"It's ok."  Zandy said.
"It is?"  You’re not mad?"
"Of course I'm not mad.  I never should have taken off like that." she said, reaching up to brush some dirt out of her hair.  

"Why did you do it then?" "Well, I started out mad.  Just a little bit and then I got this idea."
August scratched his head. 
What kind of idea would cause his sister to run off in the night like that? 
"It really is a fantastic idea."  Annabelle said.
She had been so quite that August had almost forgotten that she was there.
"What is the idea?" he asked.
Zandy and Annabelle looked at each other just as a chorus of voices burst out from the depths of the grass.
"We are."  the voices said.
The voices belonged to three boys that looked oddly familiar.
The tallest one stuck out his hand. 
“Do I know you?” August asked.
“You should” he said. 
"I'm Sirus”
He pointed to the other boys.
"  We are your cousins."
 to be continued



  1. There's nothing like finding you have family you didn't even know about on your side.