Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Donut Dwellers (bedtime story #1)

 One of my favorite four year olds asked for a story about little people that live on a donut.  I had trouble keeping it to one story, so...  I'm now writing a weekly donut bedtime story until my ideas run out :)

"I'm not living in that." Zandy said, wrinkling her nose.
"We have to live somewhere, at least until I can scare that spider out of our house."  August said.  He tugged at the old shoe.  It seemed sturdy enough.
Zandy shivered. 
"You'll be careful, right?  That spider is almost as big as you."
"I'll be careful." August said, as he climbed into the shoe.
It smelled horrible.  His sister was right.  There was no way they could live in here.  
"What about up there?"  Zandy said, pointing to a wooden mountain, or maybe it was a table.  August couldn't decide. 
"Maybe the spider won't find us if we are up so high."
"Maybe" August said.  He jumped out of the shoe. 
"How would I get Zoomer up there?"
"You're going to bring your pet fish?"  Zandy asked.  
"Of course.  He's my trusty buddy."
August took a deep breath.
"What's that smell?" he asked.
"It's probably the shoe."  Zandy answered.
"No, this is different.  This smells sweet."
Zandy took a little sniff.
"Ooo.  It does."
They followed the smell until they hit a dead end.
August tipped his head back as far as it would go.
"Careful!" Zandy said, giggling.  "Your going to fall over."
August wobbled and fell into the giant... thing.
"I think its a donut." he said, wiping something white off of his nose.
"Isn't it a bit large for a donut?"
"Not for someone that's full sized." he answered.
"I don't know.  It still seems way to big."  Zandy said.  "August, why are you grinning?"
August didn't answer.  He sunk his teeth into the giant..., whatever it was.
"Yup. Definitely a donut."
He wiped his hands on his pants.
"I think we just found our new home!" August said.
"You want to live on a donut?"  Zandy said.
"Its that or the shoe." he said.
"If I choose the donut, how are we going to get up?"
"Watch."  August said. "I have an idea."
(to be continued next week)


  1. Aww, that's great that you will share another short story series! I'm already loving it! Thanks (-:

  2. Love that you take an idea the kids ask for and run with it! It's a dream of every child, i think, to have access to a limitless amount of a favorite sweet.

    1. I agree! I still dream of it sometimes... and I'm glad I went with my little buddy's idea. I would have never thought of living on a donut and it is very fun to write!

  3. Very enchanting story. I'm sure your little friend loves it!

  4. Great start to a story :) Now on to part 2 :) Thank you for sharing :)