Thursday, May 23, 2013

Donut Dwellers (part 2)

This is a series of short stories that I am writing for a little buddy of mine.  If you missed the first story you can read it here.

Zandy flicked donut crumbs out of her hair. 

“How long do we have to dig this tunnel?”  She asked.

“It shouldn’t be much longer.” August answered.  “We can’t be that far from the center.”

“What if it doesn’t have a hole in the middle?” Zandy asked.  “Oh, no.  August, what if it is one of those jelly filled ones?”

August didn’t answer at first.  He hadn’t thought of that.  What if they dug and dug only to have the tunnel fill up with jelly?  How would they get out?

“If it does, start digging a tunnel going up as fast as you can.”  He said.

He closed his eyes and grabbed another handful of donut. 
 If he was going to get covered in jelly he’d rather it just happen.  He didn’t want to see it. 
No jelly came out.  He took a deep breath and reached for his next handful.  It wasn’t there.  Nothing was there.  He opened his eyes. 

“We did it!  It is just a normal donut, no jelly.”  He said.

“That’s good.” Zandy said.  “I didn’t want to get sticky.”

“Me either.  Can you help me make this hole big enough to go through?”

With both of them working the job was easy.  

“Do you want to go in first?”  August asked.

“Yes!  Thanks.”  Zandy crawled through.  

August went after her.

“Its huge in here.” He said.

“It is.  I like it.  It’s like the courtyard of a castle.”

“We will have to build a tower on top of the donut.   Then it will really be like a castle.”  August said.

“But first, we need to rescue Zoomer.  I’m worried about him.”

(to be continued next week)



  1. An edible castle would be a child's delight! Hope they do get Zoomer -- no family member left behind!

    1. I always loved stories about edible places when I was little :)

  2. Delightful second installment. Going on to the next one..

  3. :) Very sweet and I loved the jelly dilemma :) On to the current installment :)