Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Keys

Advice concerning keys and toddlers:

  1. Always keep them near the door incase your brain is frazzled by the time your ready to leave the house.
  2. Keep them higher than your toddler can reach.
  3. Keep anything that can be used as a ladder or stairs far away from the keys to prevent your toddler from accessing them.
  4. Keep anything that can be used to knock the keys down to the toddler zone closed in a closet.
  5. If all else fails keep the keys on your person at all times until the toddler in your life out grows his/her fixation with keys and locks.
I may or may not have had my keys disappear recently...


  1. sneaking suspicion, but i bet you have a crafty toddler on the loose! with or without some keys in his/her possession! love the advice =)
    happy k day!

  2. May i recommend a hook inside the front hall closet. Open the door, feel around on the wall next to the door as high as you can reach, and put it there. Then, every time you get the keys, get something (sweater, your purse, etc.) out of the same closet. The child may never realize the keys are in there, too, if you play the cards right.

  3. Great advice! Keep them away from cats too!! That's from experience ;)

  4. I always keep my keys in my purse or jacket pocket, the kids never had the keys fixation...of course they're still toddlers so it can still happen. Great advice,though, now I know to keep "hiding" my keys...I really don't want to lose them at the hands of my wicked twins lol