Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekend Book Reviews

Wildwood Creek by Lisa Wingate
First thoughts: I loved the mixture of old west and contemporary. I've never read anything quite like it.
What it's about: While following her dream of breaking into the film industry, Allie Kirkland finds herself in the wilds of Texas acting in a docudrama. Despite her desire to be on the production end of film making she finds herself enjoying being Bonnie Rose, a spunky pioneer teacher. Things didn't end well for Bonnie Rose or any of the residents of Wildwood and the more Allie learns, the more unsettled she becomes. Something is wrong and she doesn't know what it is or who she can trust.
What I liked about it: This book did a wonderful job of weaving history and contemporary stories together. The setting was fresh and exciting. The romance was light and the added element of mystery kept me guessing until the end.
What I didn't like: I can't think of anything!
Who I would recommend it to: I'd recommend this book to any fan of inspirational fiction. It should appeal to those who like contemporary or historical western settings, mystery and romance.

I received a free copy of this book to review from Bethany House publishing.


  1. It does sound like a unique twist on many genres. Thanks for the head's up!

  2. I'm currently reading "Caught in the Middle" by Regina Jennings, also from Bethany House. It's my first venture into historical Christian fiction. So far it's got a nice plot and good twists, but the Christian parts seemed forced, almost as if they were added as an after thought. Glad to see you didn't have the same experience!

    New follower, since we're reviewing from the same places :)
    Michelle @ In Media Res