Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Blue

    Here is my second children's story for the A to Z challenge!

  "I won't wear it."
"Why not Ellie?" asked Momma.
"I hate blue."
"Well, if you don't want to wear the blue dress you can pick out a pair of pants."
"Princesses don't wear pants."
"If you don't get dressed soon you will miss Lexi's birthday party."
"What about my favorite purple dress?" asked Ellie.
"It needs to be washed."
Ellie glared at the blue dress.  It had ruffles along the bottom.  Maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
Yes. It was.  It was blue.
"I won't wear blue."
"What is wrong with blue?" Momma asked.
" It isn't pretty."
Her baby brother toddled into the room.  
"Blue, Blue?"  he asked, pointing to the dress.
"Yes.  It’s blue.  See Momma?  Jack likes blue.  I can't like it if he does.  He's a boy.”
Ellie stomped towards her bed and flopped across her fluffy purple pillow.
"I wish that blue wasn't even a color"
Sam poked his head in the door. 
"No you don't" he said.
"Yes.  I do.  I don't like blue.  I wish that everything was purple."
“So you want blue to disappear?"
"Yes .  Forever and ever."
"Well" said Sam "I hope that you like red."
"Because if blue were gone all of your purple things would be red."
"No they wouldn't."  
Ellie sat up and put her hands on her hips.
"Come with me."  Sam grabbed Ellie's hand.
"Where are we going?"
"The table.  Wait here, I need to ask Momma for a few things."
Sam hurried back into the room and dropped a pile art supplies in front of Ellie.
"Blue paint?  Why did you bring me blue paint?"
"Shh.  Watch"
Sam squeezed some blue paint on the plate and then added some red paint next to it."
"Here, Ellie." He handed her a paint brush.  "Stir them together."
"Its going to look terrible, like mud." She grumbled.
She twirled a brush through the paint.
"Wait." she said. "It doesn't look like mud."
She twirled the brush through the paint again."
"Sam!  It's turning purple!"
Sam grinned.
"See, you do like blue.  You can't have purple without it."
Ellie got up.  She knew what she had to do.
"Momma? If I'm really fast can we still make it to Lexis’s party?"
"If you’re really, really fast."
"Ok!"  Ellie skipped to her room and put on the blue dress. 


  1. What a sweet story, and I love the dialogue! Good choice for letter "B"! :)

  2. Awww... what a helpful brother she has! Thanks for another sweet story! (-:

  3. Aw, very cute! Love the way Sam saved the day!

    (Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge)

  4. Great discovery moments! I thought she was going to ask to put red paint over her dress. :)

    1. That would be a fun and different twist!

  5. That was a great story for the letter B. Thanks for sharing this @ The Show Off Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain