Saturday, April 27, 2013

V is for Visitor

  Today's story is short and hopefully it makes sense.  I've been traveling and helping with a wedding.  Its been busy!
Ellie ran into the living room holding the picture she had just colored. It was a birthday cake.   She couldn’t wait to show Daddy.
She left as fast as she could.  That was not Daddy.  He looked kind of like Daddy.  He even sounded like Daddy but his hair was too long and he had a fuzzy face.
“Sam, Sam where are you?”
“Over here.  Under the table.”
“What are you doing under the table?”
“I’m hiding from the Daddy looking guy that’s not Daddy.”
“Where is Momma?” Ellie asked.
“She’s making coffee.”
“Ahhhhhh”  Jack said as he ran into the room.
“I guess Jack found the not Daddy person too.” Ellie said.
“Come hide with us.” Sam said, patting the spot next to him.
"Where are you guys?” Momma called.
“Hiding.”  Sam said.
“Come on out.  I want you to meet someone.” 
Sam and Ellie looked at each other.
“Ok.” They said.
They slowly came out from under the table.
The stranger was standing next to her.
“This is Uncle Joe.”  Momma said.
“You look like my Daddy. “  Ellie said.
“Daddy doesn’t have a beard though.” Sam said.
“I’m your Daddy’s brother.”  Uncle Joe said.
“Are you the Uncle that lives far, far away?” Sam asked.
“Yes.  That’s me.” Uncle Joe said.
“Are you here to stay?”
“No, Sam.  I wish I was."
“Does Daddy know you’re here? Sam asked.
“Not yet.  I wanted to surprise him for his birthday.”
Sam heard someone pull into the driveway. 
“Daddy’s home!  Quick, Uncle Joe.   Hide under the table.  It’s a great hiding place.”
“Why don’t you hide with me.  We can all surprise him.”
“Great idea!”  Sam said.
Daddy was going to have the best birthday surprise ever.