Wednesday, April 17, 2013

N is for Neighbor

My youngest son is feeling better today but he is still worn out.  I am too, come to think of it.  Its funny how that works.  Here is my story for N.  I'm hoping to get O posted later today but we will see.
A moving truck was parked next door.  Sam had been waiting for new neighbors ever since the old ones had moved away.   He raced around the house and crawled behind the bushes.  Perfect!  He could see through the leafy branches but nobody would ever be able to see him.  He was hidden to well.
“One, two dogs. “  Sam counted in his head.  Dogs were nice but they weren’t what he was looking for. He looked closer.  There was something stacked on the ground.  It looked like the pieces of a swing set. 
“Yay! “ Sam thought “That must mean that they have kids!”
“Something slithered across Sam's back.  It tugged at his collar.
“Shhhh.  Quiet.  They will hear us.”
“Ellie?  Don’t do that!  I thought you were a slimy snake.  What are you doing back here anyway?”
“I was watching the neighbors, just like you.”
“They have kids.” Sam said.  “I saw a swing set.”
“I know!  They have two girls.”
“I think they have five boys.”
“No, they don’t.  They have two girls and no boys.”
“You don’t know that.  You’re just guessing.”
“I am not.”  Ellie crossed her arms.  “See?”
Two girls ran by.  They didn’t even see Sam and Ellie hiding in the bush.
“Oh no.  Not more girls.  What if all they want to do is play boring stuff?”
“Girls are not boring.”
Ellie stood up.
“Sit down.  They’ll see you!”Sam said.
 She was too late.  The girls had seen her.
“Hi!  I’m Mia and this is Sophie.  She is a little shy.”Mia said. “I’m not!”
“Me either.  I’m Ellie. “Ellie grabbed Sam by the hand.  “Come on , say hi.”
“Hi.”  Sam stared at his feet.
“He is mad that you don’t have any brothers.”
Mia and Sophie looked at each other. 
“Why are you smiling?” Ellie asked.
A boy leaped out from behind a tree.
“They are smiling because I have been watching you the whole time and you guys never noticed.  I’m Carlos.”
Sam stared. 
“Do you like snakes?” Carlos asked.  “I have a toy one that looks real.  It makes the girls scream.”
“I love snakes.” Sam said. 
“Sam and Ellie, time to come in.”
“That’s my mom, gotta go.  See you later!”
Sam raced inside.  “Guess what Momma?  The neighbors have a boy! Can he come over and visit?”
“Slow down Sam.”  Momma laughed.  “As soon as they get settled in we will invite them over for dinner.  How does that sound?
It sounded perfect.


  1. That Carlos sounds like he's going to fit right in!

  2. Hello! After you stopped by my place, I thought I would hopp on over here on the A to Z. I like your idea for the challenge - you will have quite a collection of stories when the month is done.

    I also homeschool. It's good to meet another writing, homeschooling mom. I notice you're on google+. I'll add you to my circles - maybe we can "meet" over there, too.

    Blessings! Have fun on the A to Z

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I've been surprised at how many homeschooling/writer moms there are. I didn't know of many until this blog challenge. It's great to know that there are several of us!

  3. I'm so glad your son is feeling better. great intro of Carlos.