Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hide

Here is today's children's story for the A-Z challenge.
“Not even Super Sam can find me here.” 
Ellie smiled to herself.  She had done it.  She had found the perfect hiding place.
She could hear someone coming down the slide right over her head.
Nope.  Sam would never think to look way down here.
“Ha!  I found you! “Sam said. 
 “How did you see me? “
“I saw your purple shoes sticking out.”
Ellie stared at her shoes and began to count.
It wasn’t fair.  He always found her right away.
Next time she hid it would be in the best place in the whole park.  Sam would look and look but he would never find her.  When he gave up she would leap out of her hiding place and yell “TADA” as loud as she could.  He would be so surprised, he might even fall over.
“If I ever find him…” Ellie thought. 
He wasn’t in the tunnel.  He wasn’t behind a tree.
Ellie crossed her arms.  She would not give up even if it took her all day and all night.
Her feet were awfully tired though.  Maybe a little rest wouldn’t hurt. 
She plopped down onto a bench. 
“Hehehe.” Went the bench.
“Hehehe?”  Benches didn’t go hehehe.
Ellie slid off the bench head first and looked around.
“Aha!  I found you!”  She said.
“Only because I couldn’t keep my laugh in.”  Sam giggled. “You sat right on top of me and didn’t see me!”
That was it.  Ellie wouldn’t just find the best hiding spot in the whole park she would find the best one in the whole entire world.
Sam began to count.   Ellie twirled in a circle.  Nothing.  She twirled around again.  There it was.  It was perfect.  Ellie glanced at Sam.  He was still counting but she would have to hurry.
She climbed into the sandbox and settled in between two other kids. Sam opened his eyes.  He looked her direction then he turned and walked the other way.
“Yes, yes, yes!” Ellie thought.
 He looked behind a tree.  He looked under benches and picnic tables.  He checked all of the tunnels.  He walked right past her.
“Ellie, where are you, I give up!”
“Tada!”  Ellie jumped up, almost knocking him over.
“Ahhh.” Sam yelled. “Were you there the whole time?
“Yes” Ellie couldn’t stop smiling. “You looked everywhere but you never looked in the sandbox!”
“I didn’t think there was any place to hide in a sandbox.  Why didn’t I see you?”
Ellie shrugged her shoulders and kept smiling.  The best place to hide was right in the open where no one would think to look.


  1. One tip we always hear and you made it into a good story, thanks! (:

  2. Great entry! It's true. Most people look everywhere but in the open. :-)

  3. The purloined letter approach worked for Poe, so why not Ellie? Great story :)