Tuesday, April 30, 2013

X Marks the Spot

Here is my next children's story for the A-Z challenge.  If you haven't already you might want to read W is for Wind first.
Sam woke up to the smell of bacon.  
Mmmm. Mom must have made breakfast.
He opened his eyes.  What was that?
A parrot?  What was a parrot doing in his room?
"Sam wake up."
Carlos tugged on his arm.
They weren't at home.  They were sailing the seven seas with the evil pirate Captian Drake.
Sam stumbled after Carlos.  His arms hurt.  Captain Drake had made him scrub the entire deck last night. 
"He wants to find treasure.  Are we going to help him?" Carlos asked.
Sam shook his head.  He remembered what the pirate had told him last time they had met.  If they knew where the treasure was they would never, ever go home again, but first, they needed some breakfast.
"Ahoy there, ye sleepy heads.  Here be a sea biscuit to keep ye from starving." 
Captain Drake slammed a plate down on the table.
"I smell bacon." Carlos said.  "Can we have some of that too, please?"
"Bacon?  I smell no bacon.  Harty har har." Captain Drake said, sinking his teeth into something crispy.
"That sure looks like bacon."  Carlos said.
"Off with ye, pesty cabin boy.  Go swab the decks."
"We did that yesterday." 
"This be my ship now.  Do it again." He said, with a snarl.
"Carlos, come on."  
Sam pulled his friend away from the glaring pirate.
"We don't want him mad at us.  We need to come up with a plan."
He slipped an old looking paper out from under his shirt.
"You have the map?" Carlos asked.
"No, just a copy that I made but I think its good enough to be useful."
Sam pointed to a large X on the far corner of the map. 
"We are headed here." He said.
"When we get to land we need to distract him long enough to get back to the ship."
"You mean, strand him on the island with the treasure?" Carlos asked, his eyes big.
"Yes.  We can leave him some of those crunchy biscuit things. Oh and his rubber ducky,  He will be alright."
"What are ye boys a whispering about? Get to work!" Captian Drake said.
Sam looked at Carlos and nodded.  They had a plan.
to be continued


  1. Now for the courage to carry it out! And timing. They will have both, i'm sure.

  2. Yay! A plan! I hope it works well!

  3. ohhh.....love it! Pirate stories are so much fun! I also did X marks the Spot! lol :)

    A Dose of Jules

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone :)