Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pirate

I am writing a children's story for every day of the A to Z Challenge.  Here is the rest of Sam's pirate adventure.  If this is your first time stopping by my blog you might want to read "O is for Over".  

What was that ye were sayin’?  Ye don’t have a map?  Har har.  Then what be this?”

The evil Pirate Captain Drake waved the piece of paper in front of Sam’s nose.

Sam stared at it.  Why had a map been hiding in his shoe?

“It looks like a map, doesn’t it boy.”  Captain Drake leaned so close that Sam could smell his stinky pirate breath. 

“Yes, sir.  That does look like a map.”

“Indeed. If ye know what’s good for ye don’t ye be hiding the truth from me, boy.   It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure of making someone walk the plank.  Harty har har.”

Captain Drake spread the map out. 

“What do these words say?” He pointed to some words near a giant X.

“It must be a treasure map.” Sam thought.

Sam carefully read the works.  “Dead Men Tell No Tales Cove”

“Good.  That be where we go ashore then.”Captain Drake said.

“Wait, why didn’t you read it yourself?”

 “Why’d I be doing that when I have you to read it for me?  I sailed long and hard just to find ye so ye’d better be getting to work”

“What are you going to do with the treasure when we find it?”

An evil grin took over the pirate captain’s face.

“I will buy me the fastest ship that money can buy.  Then I will steal everyone’s treasure until I be the richest pirate that ever did sail these murky waters. “

“Since I am helping you find the treasure will I get to keep a little bit of it?”

“No!  Ye won’t get one teeny tiny piece of me treasure.  Ye won’t need it on the island anyway.”

“It might be nice to have when I am home again.” Sam said.

“Home again?  Har.  Har.  The boy thinks he’s going home again.   Ye will never see the likes of home, ever again, boy.”

“What do you mean?”  Sam could feel shivers running up and down his back.  “Why won’t I see home?”

“Because, I can’t be a having the likes of you tracking me down for me treasure.  No, no, no.  If you want to live you will have to make do with what the island has to offer.”

Sam didn’t want to live alone in a place called Dreadful Dragon Island.  He wanted to go home.

“Point me in the right direction, boy.  We should be there by sundown.” The pirate said with a snarl.

Sam studied the map.  Wait.  Why wouldn’t the pirate read it for himself?

That was it.  Sam knew why the pirate needed his help.

“What if you could read the map yourself?  Would you let me go home?”

“Why do ye be thinking that I can’t read?”  Captain Drake yelled.

He yelled so loud that Sam wanted to cover his ears.

“If you could read, I don’t think that you would be having me do it for you.”

The pirate crossed his arms.  Ye be right.  If I could read I’d have nothing to do with the likes of you.  I like working alone.

“I will teach you to read if you will take me home.”

Captain Drake snatched the map away from Sam. 

“Ok, but ye can’t look at the map ever again.  If ye are going home ye may not know where the treasure is buried.”

“That’s fine.”  Sam said. “I need some paper and a pen.”

The pirate was almost able to read his own name when Sam heard a voice calling him.

“Sam!  Dinner time.”

Sam looked around.  He wasn’t sailing towards a far away island.  He was home, in his own back yard. 

“Coming Momma!"
"That was more fun than another movie." Sam thought.


  1. You can never go wrong with pirates! Never.

    1. I have always loved a good pirate story :)

  2. That was definitely more fun than any movie! Love his pirate adventure.

  3. This is a great story. You would do really well writing MG novels, which happen to be in a very hot market right now. I love how Sam wakes up from the imaginative play, because I had forgotten it wasn't real, too. Great point about learning to read, as well.

    1. I will have to try my hand at a MG novel. I love letting my imagination just take off when I write which is probably a good fit for that age group.

  4. Very fun story! :)

  5. I'm sure he was down right scared! A great story Sarah, worthy to be told to the world! I've missed reading these. Thanks for coming by and reminding me to visit. :) Writer’s Mark