Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Igloo

Here is today's children's story for the A to Z challenge!

“Put on another hat Ellie.  You don’t want your ears to freeze.”

“But Sam, I’m already wearing two hats.”

“It’s almost a million billion degrees below zero.  That’s cold enough for at least three hats.”

“Ok.  I’m all bundled up.” She tugged the final hat over her ears.  At least it was purple.  “What do we do first?”

“We set up camp.  Why don’t you start building an igloo?” 

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know what an igloo is.”  Ellie sat down in a snow bank.

“No!  Don’t sit.  You have to keep moving so you don’t turn into an Elliecicle.”

“Like an icicle?”

“Yes, just like a big, purple icicle.”

Ellie looked down at her purple coat and purple boots.

“Ok.  I will keep moving but Sam, what is an igloo?”

“It is a house made out of snow.”

Ellie scooped the snow into a giant pile. It didn’t look like a house yet.  Maybe if she dug a hole in it.

There!  She had made a snow cave.  That should work.  She crawled in.

“Brrrr, Sam help!”

“How did you end up in a snow pile?”

“My house fell on me.”  Ellie said.  Her teeth were chattering.

“Did you make it out of bricks?”

“No.  You said to make it out of snow.”

“Igloo’s are houses made out of snow bricks.”

“You should have told me that.” Ellie jumped up and down.“I’m so cold”

Ellie squished some snow together.  It sort of looked like a brick.

“That’s it!  Good job!”

“Thanks Sam.”

“Here.  Let’s see how fast two of us can build it.”

“Yeah! “ Ellie said.

“Sam, Ellie time to come inside.  Why are you guys wearing your coats in the sand box?” Momma called from the door.

“It’s not a sandbox.” Ellie said.  “It’s the north pole.”


  1. Very cute. I love how children can come up with the most imaginative things ever. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I used to want to live in an igloo. Then I crawled in a snow cave and had a claustrophobic attack. Now you couldn't pay me enough to go in one. Sandboxes, however, I love.

    1. I'm not sure that I would like one either. I am pretty fond of large windows.

  3. Great twist!

    I'm also a YA writer who often thinks about trying my hand at picture books. You are so ambitious? dedicated? insane?!? to do a story each day for A to Z. :-)

    1. I think insane might be the best word to describe me lol. Thanks for stopping by :)