Saturday, April 13, 2013

K is for King

Here is my next children's story for the A to Z challenge!
Sam ran by with a stack of pillows. 
Ellie followed with her arms so full of blankets that only her eyes showed.  A minute later they were back.  This time Ellie had a basket of stuffed animals and Sam had a pile of books.   They sat everything in the living room and went to find Momma.
“Can we have some paper, scissors, sparkly stickers and tape?” Sam asked.
“That depends on what you’re up to.”  Momma said.
“A king has come to visit but he forgot his crown so we need to make him a new one.” Ellie answered.
“Well that sounds very important.  Go sit at the table and I will get you what you need.”
“Yay!  Thanks Momma.”  Ellie spun in a circle.
“Thank you.” Sam said.
He began to cut out a yellow crown. 
“Here Ellie, could you decorate the pieces?”
“Can I use lots of stickers?”
“Of course.  Kings like rich, sparkly things.”
“Ok.  I’ll do it.”
Ellie put a glittering sticker on every point of the crown.
“It’s ready, Sam.”
“Ok.  Let’s go see if the king likes it.”
They entered the living room.
The king was sitting on his pillow throne, reading a book.
“We brought you a crown, King Jack.” Sam said with a bow.
“Dooo.” King Jack replied.
“I think that means he wants to wear it.” Ellie whispered.
Sam gently placed the crown on the king’s head.
“Yeah yeah.” 
“That must mean he likes it.”  Ellie said. 
The king slid from his thrown and stomped his feet.
“He wants  something else now, Sam.  What do you think it is?”
“I’m not sure.  King Jack, do you need something?”
The king nodded.
“Are you hungry?” Sam asked.
The king stomped his feet again.
“I don’t think he is hungry.”  Ellie said.  “The kings in my story books are always going to big, fancy balls.
Maybe King Jack wants to go to a ball.”
“Great idea.  I’ll find some royal music.” Sam said.
“I’ll find us some capes.  Kings love capes.”  Ellie said.
Soon  everything was ready.  Music filled the room.
The king tugged at his new cape and grinned.  He ran around and around .  The cape billowed out behind him.
“You were right Ellie.  He did want a royal ball.”
The king grabbed them by their hands and pulled them into the center of the room.
They danced until the king fell over and landed in a heap.
“Jack, it’s time for your nap.”  Momma called. 
She picked up the king, sat his crown on the ground and kissed him on his head.
“I didn’t know kings had to take naps, did you Ellie?” 
“No.  I didn’t.”  Ellie picked up the crown and placed it on her own head.
“Queens never take naps.” She said as she took her place on the throne of pillows.


  1. This is the best kind of Momma, the kind who plays along.

    1. I agree. My momma was great at it and I had a crazy imagination when I was little.

  2. Nice. The punctuation is a little off, but nothing major.

    1. Yeah, punctuation is definitely an area I need to work on.

  3. “I’ll find us some capes. Kings love capes.”

    Isn't that always the case! :)