Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Y is for Yawn

Here is my next children's story!  If you haven't already you might want to read W is for wind and X Marks the Spot first.
Sam was covered in sand.  
The sun shone down right over the top him.  He looked down at the water.  If it wasn't full of sharks he would jump right in. 
"Stop yer day dreamin and dig, boy.  We don't be havin all day.  Pirates from all around these here parts be after this very same treasure" Captain Drake said.  
He crossed his arms and stared down at Sam.
Sam dug a little faster and winked at Carlos.
The evil pirate Captain Drake had no clue that he was following the wrong map.
I think we are digging in the wrong spot, Captain Drake, sir." Carlos said.
Captain Drake looked down at the map.  
"Shiver me timbers, why, there be more than one X!"
"What do you want us to do, Captain?"
"Why, we will dig up every single one of them there X's until we find me treasure."
"How many spots do you think he needs to dig before he's tired?" Carlos asked Sam quietly.
"I think he needs to do at least five."
"What happens if we get tired before he does?" 
"We will just have to be super tough and not get sleepy." Sam said.  
The boys dug slowly and kept an eye on the pirate captain.
After three X's he was so mad that he stomped his feet.  Four X's had him jumping in circles and yelling.  After the fifth X he leaned against a tree and rubbed his eyes.
"Now?" Carlos asked.
"Yes, now."  Sam said.
Carlos walked up to the old pirate.  
"Here, you look thirsty."  
He handed him some water.
"Humph." Captain Drake grunted.  He drank the water in one big gulp.
Carlos yawned.  It wasn't a small yawn.  It was a giant, I'm about to fall asleep yawn.
Captain Drake took a deep breath.  He opened his mouth and he yawned.  His yawn was so big that the boys could see his golden teeth.
"You sure do look tired, Captain.  Maybe you should rest for a bit while we check out the other X's."
"I think I shall, but mark me words, boy.  I will be watchin.  No funny stuff or I'll tie ye up to this very tree."
"Yes sir." 
Carlos began to hum the lullaby that his mother sang to his sisters.
Captain Drake closed one eye.  They other one was watching the beach.  Soon both of his eyes were shut.
The boys waited.
"He's snoring now, should we go?"  Carlos asked.
"Yes." Sam said.
They ran down the beach and didn't stop until they were safely on the ship.
"We did it!" Sam yelled.
"I'm not so sure." Carlos said.
"What do you mean?"  
"Look."  Carlos pointed.
Captain Drake was racing towards them.  His rubber duck floaty was around his waist.
"I'm a comin for you boys.  Nobody.  NOBODY tricks the evil pirate Captian Drake and lives to tell the tale."
"Can we out race him?" Carlos asked.
"Of course we can.  Our ship has to be faster than a ducky floaty."
Slowly, slowly the ship pulled ahead.  The pirate kept yelling and shaking his fist.
"I'm a comin.  Don't ye ever forget it!"
His voice could barely be heard over the roar of the waves.
"We made it." Sam said.  "I see the top of your swing set dead ahead,"
"Phew.  I didn't think we would ever get away." Carlos said. "What do you think we are having for snack?"
"I don't know but it has to be better than sea biscuits."


  1. I'm glad they escaped or at least it seems so (:

    1. I thought it was fun to keep the ending open :)

  2. Hmmm, is this continued in Z? Fun story.

    1. No but I think I could write silly pirate stories for a full month lol. They are so much fun.

  3. What a clever way to do it! But i wonder if he's going to make another appearance.

    1. If only the challenge was longer he would. I had so much fun with him.