Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Adventure  I normally write YA but for the A to Z April challenge I have chosen to write stories that I can share with my kids.  Here is my first children's story for A-Z April!  I hope that some little people somewhere out there will enjoy them.

“Help!  , Help!  I’m sinking”
Dark mud slurped around Elllie’s toes, pulling her deep down into the ground.
“Don’t worry, Super Sam will save you.”
“Hurry, I can feel worms with my toes and ants are crawling on my fingers.  It’s gross.”
Something was coming towards her.  She could hear the shuffle, shuffle of its feet as it moved through the grass.
“Super Sam?  Is that you?” 

“Ellie, watch out!” 
Ellie looked up. A big alligator was staring right at her.  Its yellow eyes were glowing.  
“Go away!” She screamed. 
The gator flicked its tail.  It stared at Ellie, licking its lips.

“Leave my sister alone.”  yelled Super Sam.
A rope settled on the beast’s neck.

“Get back!”   Super Sam tugged on the rope and pulled the alligator towards a tree.  He tied the rope to the tree and ran back to his sister. 
“Hold on, I will toss my rope and pull you out.” 
“But Sam, you already used your rope.” 
“Oh yeah.”  Sam tapped his fingers on his leg .  “Hmmm” 
“Ahhhh” screamed Ellie. 
She was sinking faster and faster.  Only her head was poking out of the mud. 
“I have an idea Ellie, but you’re going to have to reach.  I need one of your hands if I’m going to save you.” 
Ellie pushed her hand out of the mud and flicked a worm off of her finger. Sam whistled.  A snake slithered towards him and curled around his feet. 
“Good boy, Andy.”  Sam pat the huge snake on its head. "Go to Ellie. " 
“No, no, not your snake.”   Ellie said.  “It gives me the shivers.”

“It’s the only way.  We are out of time.  Grab him.”

Ellie grabbed the snake and closed her eyes.   Super Sam held the snake’s tail and slowly, slowly backed up, pulling Ellie away from danger. 
“You did it.  You saved me.”  
“You can open your eyes Ellie.  My snake is hiding in the grass.” Ellie opened one eye and then the other. 
“Thank you snake!”  She called. 
“Let’s go home.”  Sam said.

They walked into the kitchen and sat down next to their little brother. 
“Go wash up for snack.” Momma said.  “Don’t get mud on anything! "
After they were cleaned up Momma gave them each a glass of milk. 
“Apples anyone?” she asked. 
“Yes please!” they answered.   
“Now tell me about your adventures” Momma said, handing them their snack.

Sam looked at Ellie and grinned. 

I'd like to thank  the A to Z challenge founder, Arlee Bird, for such an amazing idea for the blogging community!  I am happy to be apart of it this year.


  1. What a cute story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a sweet story! What a great idea for the Challenge. You'll have a whole book of short stories when you're done! :)

    Living in the Light
    A to Z Ambassador

    1. Thank you! I'm kinda excited to have a story collection by the end.

  3. Sweet idea to write something for your kids. Best of luck with the rest of the challenge!

  4. Cute cute story that I bet your kids love! A is also for "alligator" right? So kids can find that, too! Good job!

    1. They did love it. I've read it to them several times already! I did try to weave in some other "A" words. I'm using the challenge to help my kids with their reading and me with my writing lol.

  5. this is a fun story. Glad you joined in for the 2013 Challenge.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  6. That's an awesome idea for the stories and perfect that you can share it with your kids. I can't wait to read your other stories! I might join the A to Z challenge too, it looks fun.

    1. It is fun! I hope that I can keep up but so far I'm loving it.

  7. What a cute story. That mom probably really does NOT even want to know what her kids have been up to :)

  8. Best of luck on your dream to become a writer! Have you finished a manuscript so far?

    1. I'm within a couple thousand words of finishing my first ( first draft of it anyway).

  9. So cute, and how fun that you write YA, I love that stuff. This is my first year doing A to Z and it's already so fun!

  10. Wow, a snake as a good guy! That's a twist. :)

    PS - you can do so much with Brussels sprouts!

  11. I love this. It will be so nice to have a whole alphabet worth of stories at the end. I really enjoyed this.

    1. Thank you! I am glad that you liked it.

  12. Thanks for sharing that cute story! I came across your blog via the blog hop.

  13. I love your story and your blog! Following from Show Off Blog Party!

    Please come by our page next week for our very first EVER blog hop! :) We could use your support!
    Have a beautiful day!


  14. Thanks so much for sharing this @ The Show Off Blog Party! What a great story starting with A. Please stop by again next week. Maybe we can see B :)

    The Wondering Brain