Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Giggle

 Phew!  We have made it through a whole week of the A to Z challenge!  Good luck on week two everyone!  
Here is today's children's story.
“What is wrong with Jack? “  Asked Ellie.  “He won’t’ play with me.  He won’t even knock down my block towers.”
“I don’t know.” Said Sam.  “Where is he?”
Ellie pointed.  Jack was sitting in his little bear rocking chair with his hands tucked under his chin.
“That’s strange.” Thought Sam. 
Jack never just sat.  Momma said he was the busiest kid she had ever seen.
“I know how to cheer him up” Ellie said.
She tickled him under his chin.
Jack’s lips began to quiver.
“Oh, no!  Don’t cry, baby buddy.”  Ellie threw her arms around him.
“Why won’t he giggle, Sam? He always giggles.”
“He giggles when he is happy.” Said Sam.  “Something is making him sad.”
“It’s ok baby buddy.”  Ellie kissed Jack on the head.  “Super Sam and I will make it all better.”
Sam got down on his knees. 
“Do you need a diaper change?” 
Jack scowled.
“My turn, my turn!”  Ellie sang.
She hid behind a chair then leaped out. 
“Boogieboogieboogie”  she yelled.
Jack jumped but his giggle was still missing.
He didn’t even smile when Sam made the silliest face ever.
Ellie handed him his favorite blankie.  He cuddled it up to his face but he still did not giggle.  He didn’t even grin.
“Hmm.” Said Sam.  “What does he usually do when he is sitting in this chair?”
“Momma reads him a story, but she can’t right now.  She is making dinner and I can’t read.”
“No, but I can.”
Sam pulled out a book with lots of animals in it. 
Jack sat up straight.  Sam began to read.
Jack grinned.
“Quick Ellie, find another book!”
Sam started the second book.  He read it in a deep, growly voice.
Jack giggled.


  1. Cute! Makes me think of my kids when I can hear them but they don't know I'm listening.

  2. Aww... thanks for another lovely story (:

  3. I'm stopping by to say hi! I'm doing the A-Z Challenge too. I see you homeschool. I always have to say hi to fellow homeschooling families! :) I guess you could say I'm a veteran now. My twin sons are enrolled in College Plus. They'll be graduating with a bachelor degree in Communication soon. My daughter is a junior in high school getting ready to get enrolled in College Plus. I see an empty nest in my immediate future!

    1. Wow! Congrats on sticking with it for so many years! I'm hoping to homeschool al the way through. We will see!

  4. Great post! And thanks for dropping by my blog earlier; much appreciated :)

  5. A beautiful picture of family.

  6. I don't think I'll ever get tired of these sweet stories. :)

  7. Thank you all for stopping by and for the encouraging comments :)