Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mango

We are half way through the A-Z challenge!  I find that pretty exciting.   Here is my children's story for today.
 “What is that?”  Sam asked.
 “Snack.”  Ellie answered.
 “But what is for snack?”
“That orangish thing.” 
Ellie pointed at the plate in front of her.
“Did Momma tell you what it is?”
“No.  She had to go change Jack.  He ate a bunch of it and was all gooey.”
Sam slid onto his chair.
“Hmm.” Sam leaned forward.  “It doesn’t smell like an apple.”
“No.  Too squishy.”  Ellie said.
“You should take a bite, Ellie.  You might really like it.”
“Ok.  You go first.”
Sam turned his snack over with a fork.
“You were at the table before me.  You should be the first one to try it.” He said.
Ellie shook her head.
“I only eat things if I know what they are.”
Sam put a teeny, tiny piece on his fork.
It slipped back off onto his plate.
“I told you it was slippery.” Ellie said.
Momma came back into the room.
“Did you guys like your snack?”
“No.”  Ellie said.  “We don’t’ know what it is.”
“What do you think it is?”
“I think it’s a fruit.”  Sam said.  “But I don’t know which one.”
“Your right.  It is a fruit.”
“Its not a fruit.” Ellie said.
“It is, Ellie. It’s just not one that you have had before.” Momma said.
She sat down at the table.
“What are some fruits you have tried and liked?”
“Bananas!” Ellie said.
“Plums, apples, grapes and oranges.”  Sam added.
“Good.”  Momma said.  “This fruit is called a mango.”
“A mango?”
Ellie scowled. 
“Can’t I just have a banana instead?”
“Not right now.  Right now we are having mango.”
Sam leaned towards Ellie.
“Jack ate it and he’s alright.” Sam whispered. 
“Should we count to three?” Ellie asked.
“One, two, three.”
They opened their mouths and took a bite.
“I don’t think I….  mmm.  Its sweet!” Ellie said.
“Can I have some more, please?” Sam asked.
Momma gave him another slice.
“Are you guy’s glad that you tried it?”
“Yes.” Ellie said.
Sam just nodded.  His mouth was too full to answer. 


  1. M for Mango ~ perfect. I love it, but not the stringy kind. :) Cute story.

  2. My kids love mango -- it's one thing i can't buy enough of!

  3. My kids love mangos. When my son was little we would hand him the center part and just let him gnaw all the fruit off of it. Then we would have to hose him off.

  4. Mangoes are my favorite! My siblings are just like S.P's kids. They suck the seed, and sometimes we don't have enough, they fight.

  5. We didn't have a lot of mangoes where we lived before so they are a recent discovery for us. My kids love them!

  6. I wrote about mangos too, for my M day! Not as positive a story though. :-) I'm popping in from the a-z. We were a military family too while our 3 were young. We were Air Force. It was a good life for us. I love finding other believers in the blogosphere! Come visit, if you'd like:
    from The Dugout