Sunday, April 28, 2013

W is for Wind

I thought I'd be able to get away and spend some time on my a- z stories while helping with my sister-in-law's wedding....  Yeah, that didn't go so well.  The wedding is over now so hopefully I will have a bit more time now.  Here is my next story.

The wind was perfect.
"What a great day to set sail." Sam thought.
"Ellie, I'm going on a voyage.  Want to come?"
"No.  Its to cold."
It didn't seem cold to Sam but then he was super tough. 
Carlos would come.  He wasn't afraid of being cold.
Sam went right to work.  
"Are we ready to go?" Carlos asked, walking towards him.
He had his arms full of supplies for the trip.
"As ready as we are going to be."  Sam said.
Soon they were sailing towards far away lands. 
"Where are we going?"  Carlos asked.
"I don't know.  I hope we end up somewhere fun." 
No one noticed the shuffle, shuffling of bare feet sneaking up behind them.
"I've got ye now, ye wee scalawags.  Ye be mine and this fine ship too."
Sam and Carlos whirled around.
"Who is that?" Carlos asked.
Sam knew who it was.  He  recognized that growly voice and stinky breathe..
"That's the evil pirate Captain Drake."  He said.
"Ye took yer friend out to sea and didn't think to warn him about the pirates that sail these here waters?"
"I-I thought that you were busy looking for treasure." Sam said.
"Me brother the sly Pirate Seamore  beat me to it.  He stole me treasure right out from under me very nose and then he stole me boat."
"If he stole your boat how did you get here?" Sam asked. 
  Even a pirate couldn't swim that far, could he?
"I came by rubber ducky."
"Haha.  That's funny." Sam said.
Carlos tapped him on the shoulder.
"He isn't teasing Sam."
Sam peeked over the side of the boat. 
A bright yellow duck floaty stared back at him.
"You really came here in that?" Sam said.  "How did you keep your feet safe from sharks?"
"Safe?  You call this safe, boy?"
Pirate Drake held up one of his feet.  A old boot hung off of it. 
"The terrible creatures made a snack out of me boot. Har Har."
"You want to take our ship, don't you?" Carlos asked.
"Me?  Take yer boat?  Now where would ye get an idea like that?"
"So your  not going to take it?
"Of course I'm going to take it, boy.  I be a pirate without a boat or a crew.  Now I can be having both and if ye don't agree to me plan, I happen to know of a hungry shark or two that would love something more filling than my boot.  Harty har har. 
"What do we do?" Carlos whispered.
"We play along until we come up with a plan." Sam said.
"What are ye boys going on about?  I'll have no mutiny among my crew.  Do I make my self clear?"
"Yes sir."
"Say good bye to life as you know it.  Ye be pirates now."
to be continued...


  1. I love the first line. It's the type of "matter-of-fact" statement that really puts you into a story.

    I like the use of pre-existing characters.

  2. Absolutely love that he came by rubber duck. Best. Pirate. Ever.

  3. Whoa another trip! Good luck to them (:

  4. It's going to be fun seeing how they outsmart the old scalawag.