Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Laundry

Here is my children's story for today.  It was inspired by my laundry pile.
“Do we have to do this all day” Ellie asked.
“No, not all day, just until the job is done.” Momma said.  “I’ll be right back.”  She grabbed a stack of shirts to put away.
“What job?”  Sam asked as soon as Momma was out of sight.
“The laundry.” Ellie answered.  “Momma says that we have to get all the laundry done today.”
“All of it?  How much laundry is there?” Sam whispered.
“I don’t know.  Maybe we should check.”
“Good idea.  We will have to be sneaky.  If Mom sees us she will put us to work before we even get there.”
“Ok.  Follow me.” Ellie said.  “I am super sneaky.”
Together they tip toed across the living room, through the kitchen and all the way to the laundry room door.
“I’m too scared to look.  You open the door, Sam.”
He reached out to turn the door knob and froze.
“Are you scared too?”
“No.  I’m not scared.” 
He turned the knob.  The door slowly creaked open.
“How bad is it?”  Ellie asked.
“One, two, three, four.”  Sam counted.
“There are four baskets of laundry to wash.”
“Oh no.  We will be doing laundry forever.”
“No, it won’t take forever.  That’s why I need you guys to help.  If we work together it will get done much faster.” A voice said from behind them.
Sam and Ellie spun around.
Momma had found them.
“Ellie, you can put these socks in the washer.”
Ellie dropped them in one by one.  She watched as they sank below the surface of the water.
“This isn’t as horrible as I thought it would be.”  She said.
Momma smiled.
“Sam, how strong are you?”
Sam flexed his arms.
“Pretty strong.” He said.
“Good!  You can carry this basket to the living room.”
“All the socks are in the wash, Momma.” Ellie said.
Ellie ran and grabbed the other end of the basket.
“I’ll help you, Sam”
“Help does make things easier.”  Sam said.  “That basket was heavy.”
“It’s not too heavy for the two of us!”  Ellie said.
They sat it down by the couch.
Sam and Ellie looked inside the basket.  It was full of fluffy towels. 
“That’s a lot of towels.”  Ellie said.
“I’ll fold the brown ones.”  Sam said, pulling the brown ones into a pile.
 “Ok.  I’ll do the green ones.”
“Maybe this won’t take forever.”  Sam thought. 
Working together really did make the job go faster.


  1. Cute. I hope your kids are really this helpful :) My twin sister and I still sing the cooperation song from Sesame Street when we do a job together, even though we are now 40. LOL.

    1. I'm trying to teach them to be. It doesn't seem to come naturally:(

  2. Many hands make light work -- it's good to teach them that early.

    1. Yes! I'm trying to teach my little ones that. I want them to enjoy working together.

  3. Cute story. I usually enlist some help folding too!

  4. That's adorable. Sometimes I feel like laundry takes forever too. ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Me too. I was thinking about the huge pile waiting for me when I was writing this!

  6. Not keen on laundry either. Not so much the washing as the folding and putting away.


    1. Folding has to be the worst part. I think so anyway :)

  7. I love this! My siblings are getting the hang of working together helps (:

  8. awh what a lovely story :)
    Just found you on the AtoZ list, trying to do the rounds.
    Have enjoyed reading your posts.