Friday, April 12, 2013

J is for Jump

This a day late but here is my next A to Z children's story.
“Why can’t I go to the moon?” Sam asked.
“Well, it’s a bit far away.” Momma said.  “What do you want to do on the moon?”
Sam leaped up in the air and scrunched his eyes shut.
“Float, float, float.” He thought to himself.
He hit the ground with a thud.
“Can grownups go to the moon?”
“Yes, sometimes they do.”
“When I’m grownup that’s what I’m going to do.” Sam said.  “I’m going to go to the moon and jump so high that I float off into space. “
He put his arms out like wings and flew away.   He almost flew right into his sister.
“Where are you going Sam?  I want to come.” 
 “You’re going to have to fly.  I’m going to the moon. “
“Yay!  Like this? “
Ellie spread her arms out as far as they could reach.
“Yes.  Just like that.”
“Are we almost there?” 
“Nope.   Watch out!  Don’t let that space ship hit you.”
Ellie flew to the side right before something red streaked past her. 
“Yiiiikees.  That was way t-t-to close.  Now my hair is all messy.”
“Stick close to me.” Sam said.
The moon was straight ahead now.
Sam aimed for the ridge of a crater. 
“Careful Ellie.  Don’t crash.”
“I would never crash.” 
Ellie landed on her tip toes.
“See?”  She said.  “Space explorer Ellie never, ever crashes.  Now what do we do?”
Sam looked down into the dark crater.  What if he didn’t float?
“We jump.”
Ellie grabbed Sam’s hand. 
“One, two, three JUMP!”
Sam couldn’t look.  It was too scary.  Air rushed past him and then stopped.  They had done it. 
They swirled.  They floated.  They did somersaults.
“I love the moon.” Ellie shouted.
“Me too.” 
“Look Ellie.  See that little green spot, way over there?”
“Yes.  What is it?”
“It is kinda lonely up here.”  Ellie said, looking around her.
“Yes.” Agreed Sam.  “I’m hungry. I wonder if Momma has snack ready.”
“I know how to find out.”  Ellie flew off towards home.  “Can’t catch me!”
“Don’t be so sure!”  Sam took one final look at the moon then he flew after her.”
 “Someday I will really, truly go to the moon.” Sam thought as he ran into the house.


  1. Cute story. I really enjoy writing kid characters. I love getting into their heads and letting my creativity go wild with their imaginations.

    1. Thank you! The best part of writing from a kids pov is definitely not have to cling to the limits of reality. It is so fun.