Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Find

So, finishing the first draft of my book completely wore out my brain.  I hope today's children's story makes sense...
“Sam, have you seen my shoes?”

“Nope.”  Sam didn’t even look up from the fish he was coloring.

“Can you help me find them?”


“Momma won’t let me go outside without my shoes.”  Ellie whined.

“Ask Jack.  He probably knows.”

“But Sam, Jack can’t talk yet.”  Ellie stuck out her lower lip.

“Humph. Ok.  I’ll help.”  Sam scowled as he headed for Ellie’s room.

“They aren’t anywhere.” Ellie started to cry.

“They have to be somewhere.  Did you wear them yesterday?”

“Yes.  I left them in the bathroom, or under my bed.  I don’t remember which one.”

“Did you look in the bathroom?” asked Sam.

“Of course I did.”

“Did you check under your bed?”

Ellie dove under her bed.

“I forgot! “she called out.  Her voice was muffled.

“Oh, no. They aren’t  here.   I’ll never, ever get to play outside again.”

Ellie slid out from under her bed. 

“There wasn’t even one shoe.” She said sadly.  “Only one of Jack’s blankies.”

“One of Jack’s blankies, you say.  Ellie, that’s a clue!”


“You said you left your shoes in the bathroom or under your bed.  They aren’t in the bathroom.  That means they should be under your bed, unless someone got to them first.”

“Jack!  You think Jack hid my shoes!”

“He does like to hide things. “

“Jack? Have you seen my shoes?”  Ellie asked.

Jack shook his head.

“He doesn’t know.  See?  I will be stuck inside forever.”

“Jack shakes his head for yes and no.  Don’t you Jack?”

Jack shook his head again.

“Can you show me where the shoes are, Jack?”asked Sam.

Jack hopped towards the couch and reached behind a cushion.

“No, no Jack, not your sippy cup.  We need Ellie’s shoes.”


“Yes, shoe.” Said Sam.

Jack started walking sideways. Then he crawled.  Then he rolled.  He stopped in front of the closet.

“Do you think they are in there Sam?” asked Ellie.

Sam opened the door for Jack. “Let’s find out.”

Jack went to the shoe rack and pulled out Ellie’s shoes.

“How did my shoes get put away?  I didn’t put them away.” Ellie said .

Jack pushed the shoes back onto the shelf, closed the closet door and walked away.

“I think someone put them away for you.” Said Sam. “At least you can go outside now.”


  1. Yep, things get hidden all right -- by little gremlins so cute we love them too much to turn them out!

  2. Cute story! When my son was a toddler, he'd replace the outlet protectors if we forgot. I guess we didn't really even need them. :)

    1. My boys have both done that. sorta scary what they can figure out.

  3. You definitely have an ear for small children's voices. "I'll never ever go outside again" is too cute.

    1. Thank you! I tend to be surrounded by kids most of the time. It really keeps the ideas coming!

  4. I love the kid drama you have going on. The little brother putting the shoes away is so real, too. He might not be able to talk, but he knows what's going on.

    1. Thank you! I'm constantly amazed at how much very young children pick up from the world around them.

  5. I tell you, it's a pain sometimes when people clean up after you!

  6. Love your stories, thanks, one week down.

    1. Thank you! The week went by so fast.

  7. That's cute! It's great to see Jack have more of a role now (:

  8. Awww, that's a cute story, and it's one of the liabilities of having younger siblings! My little brother used to do this, too, and we'd have to stop and search the house for anything he 'picked up' -- shoes, keys, sweaters, you name it. Congrats on finishing your story as well!